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Hua alternatives and competitors

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Learn languages with native speakers

Top alternatives for Hua

Quickly transform scripts, SQL, and more into internal tools
  • Lingvist

    2 reviews

    Lingvist uses machine learning to adapt to you based on what you know and to level-up your language learning power with trackable progress. Try it today and boost your knowledge! Learn French, Spanish, German, Russian – or English from one of 12 different languages.

    I've tested the "learn english from french" part, this application is really great for learning vocabulary.

  • Parla

    Parla is an Artificial Intelligence-powered English teacher.

    Parla, just like a human tutor, tells user what to learn next, corrects his mistakes and defines, when user has learned the new word or grammar rule.

    We believe that AI will replace human teachers and change the way people learn, making education more effective and affordable to everyone.


  • Mondly

    Play your way to a new language
  • Magiclingua

    5 reviews

    Magiclingua is the first language learning app built for the tongue, not for the thumb.

    🎬 Understand grammar with video tutorials from our teachers

    🤖 Converse with an AI-powered voice-bot without fear or embarrassment

    🙋 Book video chats and practice what you’ve learned with native tutors

    I begin to learn German with Magiclingua and it's really addictive. You really want to pass to the next step and discover new videos and get…

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  • papapal

    🌍 Learn a foreign language writing emails with interesting people.
    🎁 Fill the form -and get a gift.
    💌 Meet your pal.
    ✍️ Write and learn.
    🗝 Simplicity is key here. No app. No fees.
    👉 Let's go back to basics: meet and discuss with new people.
  • OptiLingo

    1 review
    Speak like a local with OptiLingo! We get you speaking (not typing) in your new language from the first lesson. Experience natural language learning in simple, easy lessons that never feel like work.
  • Vocly

    4 reviews
    - Learn words fun & effectively with interactive games, quizzes & review.
    - High-quality audio recorded by native speakers from 50 countries.
    - Immerse yourself in a new language. Learn most popular words from 100 topics.
  • Easy Ten

    Learn any language with ten words a day.
  • Mynnr

    Learn grammar from native speakers
  • eJOY for Chrome

    2 reviews
    Easy-to-use & customizable, eJOY eXtension is a tool developed to help any English learners improve their English easily while binge-watching their favorite shows or reading their morning news. Say NO to boredom.
  • Keepest

    This app is for you to build your own dictionary and make your learning experience a breeze. It's completely free, no ads & no strings attached. Personal dictionary. Learn any language you want.

    Source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/jacekm-git/Keepest-Android

  • LingoBites

    Learn languages through stories
  • Chatterbox

    4 reviews

    Chatterbox was founded by Afghan-British woman Mursal Hedayat and connects the problem of under-utilised refugee talent with the demand for their language skills.

    You can purchase lessons for yourself or a friend. As so many people make learning or improving a language a New Year's Resolution, here's a great way to make that happen.

    Great idea, useful service, lovely people - what's not to love?

  • Lingbe

    Practice a language with native speakers
  • LinguaLift Android

    1 review

    🌍 264,765 people have learned Japanese, Russian and Hebrew with our courses by University of Oxford experts. Join them now!

    LinguaLift is great for calm, steady-paced language learning. Great thing to read on a boring commute (especially the culture bits). It also…

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  • Lalinga

    Holograms make intuitive learning possible. Dive into a new experience. Explore the world of languages, use your senses and learn more effectively.
    Laliga is the new generation of audiovisual learning that creates an intuitive learning experience.
  • PickLang

    2 reviews
    The latest AI technologies are built to make learning process with what you see.
    Solve tasks using your own photos or our feed, complete challenges, get achievements, explore unlimited content and share your progress with friends!
  • LingoDuck

    1 review
    Let's be honest. Just using flashcards and apps to learn a language only gets you so far. The best way to learn a language by speaking with real people and immersing yourself in a culture. LingoDuck helps users achieve this in the comfort of their homes
  • LONY

    Choose language Partners by swiping. Use built-in translator. Customize your search and find perfect Tandems. The best app for language exchange ever.

  • Sounter Web

    Learning a language you never thought would be so easy! Sounter launches its website that allows you to learn a language while listening to the songs you most enjoy, the website has several tools that allow you to learn a language.