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httpbin(1) alternatives and competitors

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HTTP request and response service
Top httpbin(1) alternatives
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  • Proxyman is a native OSX HTTP Debugging Proxy app, which is capable of proxying and intercepts the HTTP/HTTPS requests. The app helps you debug your HTTPS request from apps, domain, remove devices and iOS simulator and replicate the requests.
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  • Endpoints is a developer tool that allows you to view and respond to requests on an HTTP endpoint.

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    This is an awesome application for developments specially those client side developers who wants to test their stuff while the backend guys …

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  • Requestly 2.0

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    Requestly is a set of developer tools to complete all your Network modification requirements: Intercept, Modify, Debug and Test HTTP Requests and Responses.

    You can modify headers, mock APIs and responses, set up redirects, delay requests and do a lot more.
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  • HTTPDump

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    HTTPDump gives you unique endpoints to dump data and inspect in real time. It also enables you to compare or mock response.
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  • Smokex

    Smokex is a new tool to automate HTTP requests. Its main purpose is to help you creating smoke tests and validate your application releases are correct by asserting responses from your servers, but anything that requires an HTTP request can be done with Smokex
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