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Hours for Apple Watch alternatives and competitors

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Track time with a glance and a tap
Top Hours for Apple Watch alternatives
The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Timely

    Insanely simple scheduling and time tracking, simultaneously
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  • 144blocks

    Inspired by a Wait But Why blog post, 144blocks is a fun, simple way to visualize where your time is going every day! By breaking down the day into 10 minute blocks of time, you can easily see whether your time is being spent on work, commuting, or doing something you love. Customize and create your own activities to fill your 144 blocks!

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  • Tiempo

    The fastest way to track time and get paid
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  • Scheduling and time tracking, right on your wrist
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  • Life: Just one

    Life app will help you to emphasize that your time is most certainly finite
    Don’t be afraid, that means the only appropriate word to describe your time left is precious
    So I hope this app will enable you to create a Life in which you will be happy and creative
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  • Powered by AI, Forecast is supporting your work process with a project and resource management platform. With the new and improved scheduling, you'll have an all-encompassing overview that ensures you meet your deadlines. Feel empowered with the work you do with a fully utilized team.

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    We have used the product for a month now, and we are really happy with it. It makes it easier to connect what my teams are doing right now, …

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  • Dockface

    A single glance at the dock icon is all you need to find out the weather, system stats, current Bitcoin price, and plenty more besides.
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  • junkies.io is a fun and simple web app to calculate the total time you have spent watching TV shows. You can track your watched episodes and synchronise the data with your Google account.

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    do not want to tell more!

  • Introducing the Float Schedule Android App.
    The world’s leading resource scheduling app for agencies, studios and firms now enables Android users to take their scheduling on-the-go!
    Create a free 30-day trial at www.float.com
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    A great app that keeps on giving.

  • AppTrack

    macOS app that tracks the apps you have open on your Mac, and captures the time spent in each one, so you can see where you are spending the most time. This will help you to identify bad habits, and adjust over time to being more productive when it counts. The data never leaves your computer, and is solely for your own personal use and betterment.

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  • Epoch

    Epoch is an app to enter and track periods that are important to you.
    Your relationship's age? A baby coming? Your thirties? A project? Anything.
    Get notified when "Epochs" are moving on and make sure to not let this time fly too fast
    Oh and, no tracking!
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  • Hindsight

    Hindsight is an app for tracking the time past since events have occurred. It can be used for any events, including personal habits and vices, medications and health, maintenance and routines. While a calendar shows you when something happened in the past, Hindsight tells you how long ago it happened.

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