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HockeyApp alternatives and competitors

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Beta distribution, feedback, analytics and crash reports.

Top alternatives for HockeyApp

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  • Embrace

    9 reviews
    Embrace helps mobile devs find every error, recreate every session on command, and fix bugs in minutes. Think of those freezes during startup, broken purchases & unsolved crashes. Wish, Goat & OkCupid solve all of these with Embrace and debug so much faster.
  • Sentry

    Real-time crash reporting for the web and apps
  • Shake Crash Reports

    8 reviews
    Turn your app crashes into relationship-building opportunities with your users, prevent bad reviews & fix issues fast. Personalized crash reporting harvests the power of data: Automatically see affected users, stack traces, screen recordings, network logs etc.
  • Tryouts

    Beta App Distribution for iOS & Android Apps
  • Taplytics TV App Testing

    Viewers are consuming video content across all types of devices and screens, so you should be testing across them all too. Taplytics now offers testing support for tvOS, Android TV, and FireTV apps. Optimize for the best user experience across all screens, from TV, web and mobile.

  • Keatext

    Keatext’s AI platform mimics human comprehension of text to interpret customers’ written feedback across various channels to highlight recommendations improving the customer experience. The solution enables organizations to audit customer satisfaction, identify new trends, and keep track of the impact of actions or events affecting the clients.

  • Fleeced

    Fleeced makes it easy to evaluate fantasy hockey trades and fleece the competition. Feel confident when proposing and accepting fantasy hockey trades.

    – Plug in your league's scoring stats: Points-only, banger, or head-to-head –Fleeced has you covered

    – Keep an eye on the NHL's top performers.

    – Track top goaltenders and see their GAA, save %.