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Hire is a recruiting app from Google that enables businesses using G Suite to recruit the best candidates faster. Hire helps users post jobs, identify and review candidates, as well as easily manage every step the interview process– using the familiar Google solutions such as Google Search, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Hangouts.

Top alternatives for Hire, by Google

Automate your SOC 2, HIPAA, & ISO 27001 compliance
  • Remote OK

    4 reviews

    The biggest remote job board on the web with over 25,000 remote work positions for digital nomads, remote workers and people who work from home.

    Remote OK is a job board for remote-focused job opportunities.

    I've been applying to different companies for the past few months, and it's d…

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  • Jobs on Facebook

    You can now apply for a job directly on Facebook
  • Landing.jobs

    Find the right tech job for you
  • whoishiring.io

    Making the IT job search simpler and more effective
  • MeetFrank

    2 reviews

    MeetFrank is a secret recruitment app for top talent

    I use machine learning plus a chatbot wrapper to take the strain out of passive job hunting and talent-to-vacancy matching.

    Something we should build long ago.

  • Cauldron V2

    3 reviews
    Free options
    Use Cauldron to build tasks and assignments into your job application and see your applicants do the job before they get the job.This way hiring managers can evaluate skills and merit of their applicants instead of resumes reducing bias in the hiring process.
  • Traffit

    3 reviews
    It's time you had access to a professional recruitment tool at an affordable price. Traffit helps you connect with the right candidates for your company, and ensures they have the perfect recruitment experience. Recruitment doesn't need to be painful.
  • Kandio

    2 reviews

    Kandio is a faster and cheaper way to screen your candidates with online assessment tests from a growing library of topics. All assessment tests are created by experts in their respective fields.

    I became a regular user of Kandio, and would recommend it to my friends, since i always had a huge headache with screening my tech-candidate…

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  • JobsPikr

    Up-to-date job data directly from company websites
  • Taledo TRM

    Everything you need to hire and build long-lasting relationships with top talent. Attract, manage, message and collaborate, all on one platform. Unlimited users, candidate profiles and jobs - forever free.
  • GermanTechJobs

    GermanTech Jobs is the first job board with the goal to bring more transparency, openness and diversity to the German and IT market in general.
    The goal of this project is to make the job search process for all the IT-techies more enjoyable and efficient.
  • WorkWIP

    Free options
    WorkWIP is an all-in-one hiring marketplace for small businesses to connect directly with local job seekers, increase visibility of their businesses, and promote job openings more efficiently with a variety of features, all at a fraction of the cost.