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6 alternative and related products to HipPocket

The network for real estate agents
6 Alternatives to HipPocket

Buy a home without a real estate agent.

Spencer Camp
Spencer Camp
If you want to do home-buying the modern way, check out Open Listings! They're taking the real estate agent (middleman) out of the picture and paying you the money you would've lost from hiring an expensive agent. You can set up a daily feed with alerts to find a place, which is a nice automation feature. Check it out!
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7 Alternatives to Open Listings

Simple and smart home buying for everyone

Blend provides a better home buying experience. They partner with lenders who believe that applying for a home loan should be fast, simple, and secure, and who understand that a commitment to transparency—plus the best technology and design—makes it all possible.

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Home Digitization Technology & Real Estate 3D Marketing

We help everyone present and visualize their spaces/property on the highest level. We create stunning interactive Virtual Tours, 3D Models, floor plans, 3D Tour Videos, and HDR Photos.

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The Game Changer - InsideMaps introduces Home Digitization Technology with Ricoh Theta V 360 camera support to create 3D Tours , 3D Models and Detailed set of Property Data For those with their toes in real estate's ever-changing technology pool, virtual reality house tours are likely not a new concept.
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The app to easily create affordable HDR panorama walkthroughs with your iPhone is finally here. InsideMaps Capture offers the world's simplest and smartest home-scanning solution that helps realtors create compelling and beautiful walkthroughs. InsideMaps Capture delivers vivid, HDR, wide-angle photos that do not require expensive equipment. The future of re… See more
Lafayette General Title Agency, Inc. is a full service New Jersey title insurance company in business since 1987. With offices in Toms River and Jersey City, we provide title insurance, title search and settlement services to attorneys, realtors, lenders, consumers and more. Put our experience to work for you!
InsideMaps puts an innovative and unique technology at your fingertips, becoming the #1 solution in scanning real estate and commercial business. We provide clients with HDR photography, floor...
For those with their toes in real estate's ever-changing technology pool, virtual reality house tours are likely not a new concept. These stimulating virtual tours allow off-scene buyers to view homes from the inside before requesting a listing appointment, which can save REALTORS® valuable time and energy.
Insidemaps is being one of the top names in the real estate arena in current years for successfully delivering to customers the immersive 3D tours and stunning HDR photos & video with the best quality possible; only using iPhone which is not only too easy to scan the full house but also very much cost effective and valuable time saving.
Technology has effected every sector in our life so profoundly and essentially that we sought any way that can ease our struggles and help to take better decisions.Real estate being a very integral sector demands it's way in the virtual world to connect to more people and fuel the process.
We create stunning interactive Virtual Tours, 3D Models, floor plans, 3D Tour Videos, and HDR Photos. lets smartphone users easily create a 3D model and floor plan of their home. InsideMaps disrupts all other available solutions through a simple, inexpensive APP designed for ANYONE to use.
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AI-powered, suggestive home swiping & real estate app

Browse through homes or apartments quickly by swiping right, left or up to add them to a quick shortlist, a shared collaboration or to your dislikes, which removes them from ever appearing again cleaning up your search feed with only fresh new home listings.

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It seems like every industry is betting on artificial intelligence to help revolutionize how things are done. It is no different in real estate, where new technology companies are looking to help buyers and renters in their searches. Here are a few companies doing just that.
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List your home and only accept the offers you love 🏡

Hidsi is the first app that offers every homeowner the opportunity to register their home regardless of their intention to sell it, and to get offers they will love to accept.

We operate worldwide, focusing on major cities.

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