Alternative products to Hip Hop's NBA Name Drops

12 alternative and related products to Hip Hop's NBA Name Drops

Hip Hop's NBA Name Drops

The relationship between NBA scoring and rap lyrics

12 Alternatives to Hip Hop's NBA Name Drops

An iOS keyboard that allows you to send rap lyrics easily

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Now that Apple has added support for third-party keyboards in iOS 8, the ways we can communicate with our "peeps" has expanded beyond emojis and standard text messages to GIFs and even rap lyrics now. RapKey takes some of the best and most popular rap lyrics, then lets you choose and send them straight from their easy-to-use keyboard.
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"Time to stop texting like a basic b---" is the tagline for a new app. called RapKey. The innovative mobile messaging platform, allows users to send pre-loaded rap lyrics to their friends, instead of ordinary responses. Just think about all the times, a 2 Chainz' lyric made sense to send to someone you were texting.
You know you want to try it.
11 Alternatives to RapKey

Selected Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B vinyl records delivered.

Crates is High is a Hip Hop, Rap and R&B record club that's focused on bringing you understated music on vinyl. Records spanning the spectrum of Boom Bap, R&B/Soul, Instrumentals, Trap, Golden Era, even Experimental releases.

We have a limited invitation now open and wanted to make sure the folk at Product Hunt had a chance at first dibs.

Osandi Sekoú
Osandi Sekoú
As someone who is currently living abroad, I have zero way of finding my favorite Hip Hop, Rap and R&B records on vinyl. I've been essentially buying the work online and have been curating Spotify playlist during DJ sets; it made sense to bring analog and digital worlds together over a single service. I can't quite rid my conscience of strictly streamin… See more
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