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Hiatus for iOS alternatives and competitors

Top Hiatus for iOS alternatives
Work side-by-side, even when you’re not in the same room
  • Truebill is a powerful platform that monitors all of your subscription payments, so you monitor your spending and cancel old, useless subs in minutes.

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  • Bobby

    Keep track of your subscriptions
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  • Bobby helps you get insights in your fixed costs. Manage your subscriptions and get notified when a bill is due.

    We’re sure you’ll love all the new things in Bobby 2.0:

    - iCloud Sync

    - Touch ID & Passcode

    - More flexible payment cycles

    - Re-order subscriptions

    - Customizable interface

    - Currency breakdown

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    I don't think many users will build the habit of entering subscriptions every time they sign up for something. Services like Trim are easier…

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  • Outgoings

    Outgoings allows you to easily track your recurring expenses, and gain an insight into how much is going out for certain periods.
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  • Subscriptions are convenient, managing them is not. Butter make it easy by bringing together all your subscriptions into one place, tracking your spending and paying you cash rewards.

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    Cash back is nice too

  • Bobby 3

    Friends! We are super excited to bring you the latest 3.0 release. It has a ton of neat little improvements and new features. Here are the best ones:
    - New font
    - Native dark mode!
    - More providers and services
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  • ExpenseBot 2.0

    Expense reports done for you, not by you
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  • Keep track of your recurring subscriptions and instantly see where your money is going.

    Recur is the easiest way to get insights of your fixed, recurring costs. Manage your subscriptions and get notified.

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    I have bills in different countries, would be nice to choose which currency for each bill, then toggle CAD/USD and auto-convert the exchange…

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  • Billbot is your mate to keep track of all your recurrent expenses and subscriptions. Create separate expense profiles, unify subscriptions currencies, get insights in your fixed costs and receive notifications when a payment is due.
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  • It seems that everything you "buy" these days is turning into a subscription of some kind, so it'd be crazy not to have a way of keeping track of all your recurring payments.

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    I have been using TrackMySubs for over a year. The key problem that it solves for me is that it makes me use stuff I have bought, rather tha…

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  • Budg

    Budg is a tool to easily track your subscriptions (aka recurring expenses).
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  • Recur comes packed with features, iOS-specific styling to make Recur fit right into your home-screen making subscription tracking simple and fast.
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  • Automated software renewal reminders to be sure your team is getting value from recurring bills. Before each service renews, Billisimo asks each team member if they're still using each service. Keep the subscriptions your team loves, nuke the rest.
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    I participated in the beta for this, and was impressed with Billisimo. I have tried other subscription management tools, but this one just l…

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  • Receipt Donkey

    an app for storing personal or business receipts in Dropbox in one click. Just open the app, take a picture and all your receipts are stored in YOUR own dropbox folder. No setup, no fuss.

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  • Xero TaxTouch

    The simple way to track business expenses from your phone
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  • Bill Skip

    Delay paying any bill for 6 months
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  • Subtrack is a gorgeous privacy-friendly app that helps you manage your subscriptions. It seamlessly syncs your subscriptions via iCloud. You can manage expenses, set reminders, ask Siri about your expenses and more. Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.
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  • Subtree

    This is a *very* simple app I built to learn Laravel. I have decided to share it to the world in hopes of helping people manage their subscriptions better. I will add features if people enjoy the service!
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  • Dinero

    Features -
    - Cloud sync and BackUp.
    - Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac at no extra cost.
    - Customise app with multiple tint options available (coming soon).
    - Track unlimited subscriptions.
    - Ask Siri to add a new subscription for you.
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  • I forget about half of the subscriptions I sign up for.

    You can’t remember which of your subscriptions are recurring, and which ones aren’t.

    With this tool, you can manage all your subscriptions in one easy-to-use Notion platform.
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