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Hi From The Other Side
Meet someone who supported another candidate 🇺🇸
7 Alternatives to Hi From The Other Side

A place to seek out and provide opposing viewpoints

Disagree with Me is a website to seek out and provide opposing viewpoints. It was built in response to the growing echo chambers that exist in today's social media networks. It seeks to improve the online conversation by allowing anyone to find opposing viewpoints to their ideas or opinions. It's a network built with ideas at the center.

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It's no secret that today's social media networks leave a lot to be desired. Everyone feels cheated. The promise of social networks was that they were these great places that had no barriers or borders and allowed us to connect, share and learn with anyone in the world.
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Build a profile that describe things you approve/disapprove

I hacked together My Motion in a few days with the intension to let users list of things they like/dislike or approve/disapprove in their own perspective. Remember, there is no such thing as the "right" answer. My Motion could serve as an ice-breaker in conversations with your new friends or in getting to understand the other's tastes better.

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Postcards to the President

Trumpet is the new face of political activism. We make it easy for every day citizens –– from at-home activists to the marchers in the streets –– to get their message to Washington. Use Trumpet to write a message to the President, and we'll make it a postcard and drop it in the mail. It's straight from your iPhone to the White House mailroom.

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Send a certificate of bullshit directly to Donald Trump.

The AntiAwards is new type of award organization focused on keeping world, political and social leaders accountable for their actions.

Voting on quarterly AntiAward holders is open with the inaugural being Donald J. Trump. We then have a simple process where you can sponsor the mailing of his certificate direct to him and his addresses. No limit

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