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Heroku alternatives and competitors

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Cloud application platform

Top alternatives for Heroku

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  • Flynn

    Open source Heroku on your own servers
  • Porter

    4 reviews
    Porter is a platform that makes AWS/GCP as easy to use as Heroku. With instant deploys from Git, built-in autoscaling, and automatic SSL, Porter gives you the convenience of a PaaS while preserving flexibility and control.
  • Bunnyshell

    17 reviews
    Bunnyshell is a self-service DevOps automation platform that helps teams cut downtime and deliver reliable applications and services at high velocity.
  • Hasura Kubernetes Platform

    1 review
    Parse + Heroku, on your own infrastructure.

    I am using Hasura on a major project for my company, and I can say that it's an amazing technology. I can't wait to try it on my other proje…

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  • 8base

    5 reviews
    8base brings together the systems your application needs and makes them available through a single GraphQL API endpoint. This means your backend is production-ready instantly, and able to scale automatically with your business. Awesome for building startups!
  • Porter 2.0

    2 reviews
    Free options
    Porter is a platform that makes cloud providers like AWS and GCP as easy to use as Heroku. With instant deploys from Git, built-in autoscaling, and automatic SSL, Porter gives you the convenience of a PaaS while preserving flexibility and control.
  • Deta

    2 reviews
    Deta is building a cloud for the developers with less build "bells and whistles", only what's needed to get the job done – a Micro Cloud.
  • Telepat.io Cloud

    Open source, real time API platform
  • Runme.io

    6 reviews
    Runme supports all Git-hosted apps, Docker images, multiple services(containers) and technologies like JAMstack, Node.js, PHP, Python, Golang, Ruby, MySQL, Postgres, Redis and more.
  • Hostman

    1 review
    Free options
    πŸ’‘Hostman automates all the heavy lifting for developers
    βœ”οΈConnect your repository, deploy, and watch your app go live
    πŸ”₯Don’t overpay for servers when you’re not using their full capacity - pay for the number of servers you need, deploy as many apps as you want
  • Coder

    Coder moves software development to your cloud, centralizing an organization's development initiatives and unlocking substantial gains in both developer velocity and enterprise security.
  • Saber 2.0

    Saber is a Heroku client for iOS
  • FlashDrive.io

    2 reviews
    FlashDrive NoOps app platform handles everything for you while you focus on your product. Made by developers for developers, FlashDrive is compatible with Git deployment (Github, Gitlabs etc...), DockerHub etc... Free backups, SSL certs. and load balancers.
  • Sleuth

    1 review
    Track software deployments through your remote team's complete DevOps stack, integrating the tools your team already uses. Plan, schedule, and track releases across timezones, and when something goes wrong, quickly identify, resolve, and re-deploy.
  • Serverful

    Free options
    Serverful brings serverless experience to containers.
    Hosted or in your AWS account
    Just connect your Github repository and deploy!
  • Heroku Button

    One-click deploy to Heroku from git repos
  • Jexia

    4 reviews
    Jexia provides backend services for application development to relieve developers from so called "necessary overhead". No need to setup or maintain servers/containers, install databases, create APIs or do repetitive coding.
  • Turboku

    Turboku is a tool for launching Heroku web dynos on fast infrastructure. It works by giving you modern SSL + http2 and launching dedicated micro VMs on physical hardware.
  • Request Server

    Request Server is the most minimalist and the easiest way to create a cloud server.

    Run a command, pay in Ether, get your server running in 2 minutes! ⚑️

  • AutoIdle - Save Money on Heroku

    2 reviews
    On Heroku, every second costs.
    When your staging and review apps run 24/7, you’re racking up costs month after month. But chances are, you don’t need every app all the time.
    AutoIdle automatically turns off unnecessary apps to save you money.