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5 alternative and related products to Hermit

Turn any website into an Android app
5 Alternatives to Hermit

Convert progressive web apps to play store apps for free

PWA2APK, converts Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) to Playstore ready Android apps for free. This works using Trusted Web Activities (TWA) on Chrome v72. Use this free tool to convert PWA to Android app, along with Source code, APK and certificates.

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Progressive web apps serve different functionalities when compared to a web app or Android app. PWA's combine the advantages of the web app and native app deliver highly responsive apps. This article introduces ways to convert your PWA to APK which could be successfully uploaded to the Google Play store.
Android Authority
Google recently added support for Trusted Web Activity (TWA) in its Chrome for Android browser, essentially streamlining the process for people making progressive web apps (PWA) for the Play Store. Now, a new service has emerged to take advantage of this development, letting people quickly turn their progressive web apps into APKs.
5 Alternatives to PWA 2 APK

Convert your website into native Android and iOS

Carson Long
Carson Long- I love finding new technology
Quick and dirty webview for ios and android gets the job done
Brennon Denny
Brennon Denny- Creating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡
If you looking for something easy Go Native can handle everything for you.
Dale-Anthony- UX Lead at BaseKit
Just one that I'm aware of, is there anything else similar out there?
4 Alternatives to Go Native
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