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HelpScout alternatives and competitors

2 reviews
Simple support system, without all the crap you don't need

Top alternatives for HelpScout

The original GraphQL CMS, evolved.
  • Crisp 2.0

    6 reviews
    All-in-one solution to communicate with your customers

    Used it with a small number of test uers so not sure how they perform with a high traffic site. But the onboarding and installation are easy…

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  • Front (iOS)

    We launched Front in 2014 and have been working hard ever since to make teams more productive through collaborative email.
    Check out the latest version of Front here! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/front-4-0
  • Helpy Beta

    A modern, open-source Helpdesk alternative.
  • HelpNinja

    3 reviews
    It's a simple as Gmail for teams and we have a flat fee to include your whole team without worrying about agent fee. We believe having your whole team to do support will improve your support and team morale.
  • Hiver

    An email collaboration platform built for G Suite, Hiver lets teams manage shared inboxes like sales@ support@ right from Gmail.

  • HelpDesk

    1 review
    Meet HelpDesk – a ticketing system designed to be the simplest tool there is to manage email communication with customers.
    We created HelpDesk with two goals in mind: to cut down the efforts of your support team and to make your support emails more friendly..

    Great smallbiz help desk software

  • LiveAgent

    LiveAgent streamlines all of your communication in one place. It's a complex help desk software for customer service & user acquisition that improves customer satisfaction, increase sales and saves time.
  • Ticksy

    For support agents, Ticksy is a breath of fresh air and a breeze to use.

    But more importantly, it’s an absolute joy for your customers.

  • Deskun

    Deskun is a Google Chrome extension for multichannel customer support and task management. With its help you can process customer emails and messages from various social networks in the Gmail interface.

    Continual improvement tirelessly. Wish you guys all the bests, keep it up the good work.

  • Full Help

    A self-hosted help desk and multi-knowledge base system for small businesses and freelancers. Full Help has everything you need to provide customer service in an efficient way. Reached #8 on Hacker News front page! Use code "producthunt" to get 25% off!
  • SupportYard

    Organize emails and let your team respond from one inbox
  • Intellihelper

    Automated customer support software
  • Good Morning from Highrise

    A super simple way to manage a helpdesk or group inbox
  • Mailor

    Too many unnecessary emails you don’t need with the real important messages missing? Mailor means less messages, more information.

    Mailor is:

    - Shared inbox – identifying the important

    - Team portal – interesting views based on team communication

    - Smart notifications – identifies topics, persons, domains, tags and let you select interests

  • Galmato

    Helpdesk & Task Manager In One Place


    Answer tickets created by customers

    Manage company employees tasks

    Create tasks from tickets in two clicks

    Handle your emails as tickets


    Create tickets and get answers from companies

    Get support from many companies

    in one account

  • Social Reech

    Social Reech offers everything you need to simplify and manage customer conversations with Twitter creating a better experience for both your business and your customers.