Alternative products to Helperbird 3.0

5 alternative and related products to Helperbird 3.0

Helperbird 3.0
An app for people with dyslexia and accessibility issues.
Helperbird is a browser extension featuring dyslexia-friendly fonts and rulers, as well as customizable font & background colors, overlays, text to speech, color blindness tools and more to make the web accessible for your needs!
5 Alternatives to Helperbird 3.0

Lullaby Tom
Lullaby Tom
I don't think it is the best. But for me, it is helpful.
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards
Essential accessibility tool for designers.
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards
Helps a ton to ensure designs are fully accessible for users with color-blindness
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We are Colorblind is dedicated to making the world a better place for the colorblind. On you’ll find freely available articles, examples and resources on the subject of color blindness.

We also now offer consultancy services, supporting professionals and businesses to get their product right for the colorblind.

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Funkify is an extension for Chrome that helps you experience the web and interfaces through the eyes of extreme users with different abilities and disabilities.

It is being developed by a team of usability and accessibility experts in Sweden.

Try Dyslexia Dani and Trembling Trevor.

8 Alternatives to Funkify

Dyslexics use Omoguru to make the text more readable and decode words with ease. What’s the secret?
Visually comfortable font family designed to improve letter detection and recognition of word shapes can be adjusted to specific needs of each dyslexic.

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The results obtained showed that children with reading disabilities are able to read with greater degree of accuracy when OmoType font is used, and that, based solely on its visual appeal, OmoType was awarded an average rating of 3.54 (on a scale of 1-4, 4 being the highest rating).
In the course of the whole creative process of graphic design and production, from the very beginning, Omo was there, the student and the teacher at the same time. It was precisely this unique relationship, in addition to difficulties my dyslexic family members had been experiencing, that directed my attention to development of communication tools specially … See more
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