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10 alternative and related products to HelloBox

More conversions with one line of code

HelloBox 👋🏼📦 adds a multi-channel contact widget to every single page. Provide many communication channels to your site visitors and let them pick and choose the medium they want, or alternatively add your business to their contacts with just one click.

10 Alternatives to HelloBox

Follow the health of your customers in realtime

Salesmachine is a customer success platform that helps subscription businesses onboard, retain and grow their customers. It brings all your customer data together in one place, helping you understand customer health, lifecycle stages and deploy customer success strategies to reduce churn and increase upsell.

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Research and training product for optimizers and marketers

Brian Miller
Brian Miller- Product manager for B2C, B2B
As others have noted, it helps to know more about what you are looking for. Elementary (K-12 in US)? College? Professional or personal learning? There are countless options for each one. Ambi ( looks interesting, haven't tried it yet. Salesforce has some great tech behind their Trailhead courses. If you're looking for top digital marketi… See more
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Generate beautiful, typesafe code from data

quicktype helps you build better apps faster by generating types from data. It infers types from JSON samples, then generates strongly typed models and serializers for working with that data in Swift, TypeScript, Go, C#, Java, C++, and more. Available in your browser, CLI, Xcode, and VS Code.

It can also generate code from JSON Schema and GraphQL.

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Yesterday we launched a preview of quicktype. Here's a brief explanation of what it is. quicktype infers types from sample data (e.g. JSON), then outputs typed code in your desired programming language (C# and Go are available to start but more are planned).
We've worked on quicktype for a few months and we think it's ready for developers to kick the tires. Let us explain why quicktype is useful, what makes it special, and how you can get involved!
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Intelligent & personalized contact forms for your website

Capture, qualify and close potential buyers with Connect With Visitors by Sleeknote.

Give visitors the product advice they need, when they need it, using personalized on-site messaging. Capturing the information that matters like name and contact details and routing it to the right team member has never been easier.

8 Alternatives to Connect With Visitors by Sleeknote

An app-suite to help grow conversion rates in e-commerce

CanisHub is a suite of applications that analyses thousands of data points in real-time, to help your customers discover the most relevant product/content.
Our offerings include: product recommendations, onsite personalization, & behavioural messaging

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CanisHub helping e-commerce and publishers to boost conversions and reduce bounce rates. CanisHub helping e-commerce and publishers to boost conversion rate and reduce bounce rates with the help of machine learning automation in personalized recommendations - PR12641225
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