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2 Alternatives to Helium

Find co-travelers for your next journey

Tripi its place for alone travelers and not only, Tripi can help you find co-travelers for your next journey. It automates all the standard tasks before your trip starts such as find people, book hotels, tickets. Our recommended system can help you find that people who want travel on a trip route which you create.

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Hello, there. It's first article which i write and my first project which i complete, so I hope it will not be terrible :) My name is Nikolay, I am from Ukraine. I am a student and web developer and...
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Your playlist of places

Discover, Create, and Share lists of your favorite places to eat, drink, shop, or have fun, anywhere in the world. Get real recommendations on where to go from real people, not an algorithm.

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COLUMBUS, OH, November 29, 2018 - Shuffle announced today the launch of its platform to create and discover playlists of where to go and what to do. Users can easily explore and share lists of personal recommendations full of favorite places to eat, drink, hangout or shop as well as itineraries for unique, curated experiences - in Columbus or around the worl… See more
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