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Patient-engagement platform for sexual health clinics
5 Alternatives to Healthvana

Original videos & GIFs to learn sex, pleasure, & dating Originals are medically accurate videos and articles that offer a judgment-free zone on sex and pleasure. Our mission is to help billions of people unlearn shame, heal from sexual trauma, develop skill sets to communicate what they want and don’t want, discover new sexual desires, and most of all - own their own desires.

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Watch O. School Is A Sex Ed Platform For Under-Represented Communities, a Her video from NowThis.
When Andrea Barrica was growing up, the only thing she heard in the way of sex ed was "Don't have sex until you're married." That left her in the dark about things like how to be an ally to her trans partner and what a normal vulva looked like.
Editor's note: The internet has changed how kids learn about sex, but sex ed in the classroom still sucks. In Sex Ed 2.0 , Mashable explores the state of sex ed and imagines a future where digital innovations are used to teach consent, sex positivity, respect, and responsibility.
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Sex & pleasure education live streams everyday is a shame-free place to learn about sex and pleasure, powered by live streaming & moderated chat.

Our Pleasure Pros help people overcome shame, heal from trauma, and pursue their sexiest and most pleasurable lives!

We offer daily live streams on everything from “How To Buy Your First Sex Toy” to “Oral Sex 101" to "Sex After Birth"

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Sex education startup recently raised $800,000 to help achieve its goal of offering up easy access to sex-positive, inclusive and comprehensive education around sex and sexuality. Current investors include Cyan Banister of Founders Fund, X Factor Ventures and The House Fund. Sex is one of those things that is still heavily stigmatized in many societ… See more
Being a woman in Silicon Valley (or Hollywood, or politics or really anywhere) is particularly fraught at the moment. As sexual harassment allegations and reports of trolls taking harassment to the web continue to surface, it's time for a new conversation about sexual wellness.
When Andrea Barrica was growing up, the only thing she heard in the way of sex ed was "Don't have sex until you're married." That left her in the dark about things like how to be an ally to her trans partner and what a normal vulva looked like.
Andrea Barrica made a shame-free sex education school online. She explained, "While I was going through [this] sexual liberation of mine, I really struggled to find things online. It was either Planned Parenthood or PornHub. And I always wondered like, what could be in the middle." She eventually launched "O.
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Female robotic massager for blended orgasms

Osé is the only product designed for hands-free blended orgasms. Using advanced micro-robotics it mimics all of the sensations of a human mouth, tongue, and fingers, for an experience that feels just like a real partner.

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A sex toy company has been reinstated as the winner of a robotics prize at this year's CES technology trade show after being stripped of the award. The Lora Di Carlo Ose Massager was named as an honouree in the CES Innovation Awards' robotics and drones category in January but then had its award revoked by organisers .
Sky News
A sex tech business which was stripped of an award on grounds its innovation was obscene has now received an apology - and a $2m prize. Just a month after issuing the award to business Lora DiCarlo over a sex toy, the organisation behind the Consumer Electronics Show rescinded it.
Lora DiCarlo
BEND, Oregon-May 7, 2019-Lora DiCarlo, the company dedicated to bringing human-like robotics to sex, announced today an additional $2 million in financing from both new and existing investors led by the Oregon Opportunity Zone Limited Partnership. Funds will go to the commercialization of Osé, the only product designed
The Consumer Technology Association stepped in a mess when it first awarded a CES Innovation Award to sex toy maker Lora DiCarlo at the CES 2019 trade show. Then it took away the award, saying that the award for the female-focused micro-robotic sex toy Osé was inappropriate.
The country's largest consumer electronics convention has restored an award that it had promised to give - but then rescinded - to a high-tech sex toy for women and gender-nonconforming people. The convention, CES, is held each January in Las Vegas to great anticipation.
At the tech world's glitziest gala, the massive Consumer Electronics Showcase held in Las Vegas this week, you could find rows of devices only for women: breast pumps, fertility trackers, breast massagers, skin care gizmos.
The Verge
The Consumer Technology Association is returning the Innovation Award it revoked from Lora DiCarlo for its robotic massager. But for now, the show's operator isn't announcing broader changes that would actually allow sex toys to be exhibited and win awards in the future.
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