Alternative products to HeadTalker

8 alternative and related products to HeadTalker

Get your message viral on social media
8 Alternatives to HeadTalker

Launch a promotion across the internet in 90 Seconds

Promo Self Serve is marketing platform for small businesses.

From your mobile phone, launch a promotion to your website, email subscribers, and social media accounts.

Our tool replaces a website builder, email platform, and social media posting. We're the homebase for launching and managing an online promotion across the internet.

8 Alternatives to Promo Self Serve

Chrome extension that checks how viral your content is

NewsWhip’s Chrome extension lets you monitor and predict the social media performance of any link, across three major platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Just how shareable is piece of content? The Chrome Extension is an easy way to see which links are being shared, and how they’re predicted to drive more interactions.

You can check which influencers are giving a story the most buzz across Facebook and Twitter.

The Chrome Extension dashboard displays Facebook engagements (likes, shares, comments, and reactions), Predicted Interactions, Twitter Influencer shares, and Pinterest Pins. The second half of the screen displays the Influencers for Facebook or Twitter.

You can get more details on the influencers by clicking on them and view the story in NewsWhip Spike by using the link at the foot of the page “View story on Spike”.

10 Alternatives to NewsWhip

Team up around hashtags for more retweets, likes & traffic

Tweets that start with seeded engagement attract more engagement. Team up with other people who are interested in the same hashtags to retweet and like one another's content automagically using signal beacons to drive more engagement to your tweets.

Around the web
A look at one of Penname's many tools to help authors. So I've been using the free version of Signal from Penname for a while now, and have seen a moderate boost in views of my articles. I recently decided to upgrade from Signal Starter (free version) to Signal Pro ($6.99 per month).
This article will introduce you to Signal and our new feature, Beacon. Before getting to Beacon, we will cover a little lesson in social psychology and how we can start social epidemics to help our articles and other content reach more people on Twitter by creating and leveraging small, close-knit groups to seed engagement.
8 Alternatives to Signal Beacon

Amplify any message using social media.

Ángel Blanco
Ángel Blanco- User Acquisition 👥∞
Thunderclap is a famous (read "common") way to advertise a Kickstarter campaign.
Willie Morris
Willie Morris- Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
Great way to push out a coordinated social campaign :)
4 Alternatives to Thunderclap
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