Alternative products to Hasura GraphQL Engine

10 alternative and related products to Hasura GraphQL Engine

Hasura GraphQL Engine
Instant Realtime GraphQL on Postgres

Hasura GraphQL Engine gives you instant high-performance realtime GraphQL on any Postgres database (existing or new).

10 Alternatives to Hasura GraphQL Engine

GraphQL IDE for better development workflows

GraphQL Playground is an IDE for working with GraphQL APIs to write queries, mutations & subscriptions with features like auto-completion, error handling and team collaboration. The Playground can be used as a web-based version or standalone on all desktop platforms.

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Graphcool Blog
GraphQL is a powerful technology that is revolutionising the way how APIs are designed. Besides its expressiveness when fetching data from a server, another key strength of GraphQL is the tooling ecosystem around it.
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Developer focused Headless GraphQL, CMS and SSG 🛠️

For developers who need to get things done and want a CMS that gets out of their way. Embrace the JAMstack.

- Drag and drop content modeling

- Instant GraphQL API

- Integrates out of the box with Netlify, s3, Google Cloud Storage and FTP

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TakeShape - GraphQL CMS
This is part 1 of a 4 part series. Here's of what you'll be building. In part 1, we'll start by creating a new project in TakeShape, modeling some basic content types, and then filling them in. In , we'll use TakeShape's static site generator to create the HTML and CSS for the final website.
When Gatsby was started 3.5 years ago, GraphQL was still an internal project at Facebook and had yet to be open sourced. Since being open sourced, GraphQL's usage has exploded and 1000s of companies use it to power critical apps and websites.
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Bulletproof your GraphQL API

Tooling for GraphQL. Compare schemas, validate documents, find breaking changes, find similar types, schema coverage

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CLI Tool and Github Application. Prevent breaking changes. Find broken operations. Get Schema Coverage. Check deprecated usage and type duplicates.
6 Alternatives to GraphQL Inspector

Trigger serverless functions on database events.

Hasura GraphQL Engine is a blazing-fast GraphQL server that gives you instant, realtime GraphQL APIs over Postgres, with webhook triggers on database events for asynchronous business logic. You can now call webhooks or serverless functions whenever there is a change in your Postgres database.

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After much work and sweat over the last few months, I'm extremely happy to announce the public preview of a feature that allows you to trigger webhooks on database events! Check it out at See more
Hasura, a company that creates tools for developers on top of the popular Postgres database, is introducing a new product in public Alpha today aimed at helping programmers build serverless apps more quickly and efficiently. The idea is to simplify function writing by offering an open source event ...
9 Alternatives to Hasura Event Triggers
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