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9 alternative and related products to Hardcore Tetris

Hardcore Tetris
Tetris but faster every time you complete a line
9 Alternatives to Hardcore Tetris

Like Tetris but with rainbows, unicorns, cats and more! 🦄

Your mission as a Rainbonaut is to power the galaxy by crafting rainbows from falling tiles in nostalgic Tetris-style. As you play endlessly or by levels, you'll collect a crew of super-powered heroes like tricky unicorns and gravity-altering sloths, unlock tiles like cat bombs that explode into black holes, explore worlds with new missions!

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Edamame Reviews
Our interview with Tinker Technologies, the developers of Rainbonauts! As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it's bad, we'll tell you it's bad. Could you use a colorful puzzle game with super cute characters, a great soundtrack, and cutting-edge AR technology?
4 Alternatives to Rainbonauts

Tetris is now a battle royale game

Tetris is going battle royale, with a new competitive version of the iconic puzzler called Tetris 99. Players in Tetris 99 will compete online against each other until there is only one survivor left.

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Forget Apex Legends , there's another new free-to-play battle royale game now:. This version of the classic puzzle game is launching today on Nintendo Switch with 99 players trying to outlast each other. Players can attack each other with "garbage" that pushes you closer to the top of the screen and out of the game.
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Tetris is going battle royale, with a new competitive version of the iconic puzzler called Tetris 99. The game was announced during today's Nintendo Direct, which also featured the announcement of Super Mario Maker 2 and provided more details about the upcoming Fire Emblem game for Switch, Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
9 Alternatives to Tetris 99
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