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7 alternative and related products to Happy Mood Score

Happy Mood Score
Team management and employee engagement
7 Alternatives to Happy Mood Score

Managed by Q Task Management helps office operations teams collect, organize, and analyze employee requests and office issues. The tool enables them to best support the needs of the modern workplace and focus on creating a world-class employee experience.

Colin O'Connor
Colin O'Connor
Just released, though more specific to workplace management for employees. Check it out!
6 Alternatives to Managed by Q Task Management

Check your team's mood with AI and Sentiment Analysis

Moodbit is a People Analytics tool that can help you predict and prevent burnout, risk of turnover , and forecast team performance using AI and Sentiment Analysis.

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Think you know the mood of your team members? Think everyone is giving you 100%? And what about yourself? Sometimes it's difficult for founders to tune into themselves let alone a team. Enter Miho Shoji, a serial entrepreneur who was born in Bolivia ...
3 Alternatives to Moodbit

Employee knowledge sharing + collaboration platform

Givitas helps you build a culture of generosity at work. Boosting employee engagement and efficiency all in less than 5 minutes a day. Integrates with Slack and Yammer.

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Fast Company
When we need help, we often don't know where to turn. At a pharmaceutical company, an executive needed to synthesize a drug for less than the $50,000 that an outside vendor was charging. In my classroom, a student was dreaming of working at Six Flags, but they didn't recruit at Wharton.
6 Alternatives to Givitas
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