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Put promises on the blockchain

People shake hands all the time, but we're not very good at it. Think flaky friends, clients, and deals that fall through.. here's a better way to shake!

Handshake is an app that transcribes commitment into code, and immortalizes promises on the blockchain. This creates an eternal, unchangeable record of intent - without fear of forgery or fraud.

11 Alternatives to Handshake

Get documents signed by anyone remotely, in minutes ✍️

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It all started when Sunil Patro, the founder of SignEasy struggled to find a printer and a fax machine to sign and fax a crucial document, while he was on vacation at Riviera Maya. An act that should have ideally taken him 2 to 3 minutes, cost him 3 hours and $20 that day.
Explore the software, services, and tools that SignEasy uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
7 Alternatives to Request Signature with SignEasy

A better way to end video game addiction 🎮🚫

Game Quitters 🎮🚫 is the largest online support community for video game addiction, with members in 95 countries.

Learn how to finally quit gaming and turn your life around with hundreds of resources, inspiring stories, free tools, and community support. You are not alone. 🧡

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Cam Adair loved video games. Fantasy games full of monsters and dwarves like World of Warcraft. The terrorists, bombs and rifle fire of Counter-Strike 1.6. He was bullied in middle school, and the games gave him the feeling of being in charge.
When one of World of Warcraft's top ten guilds recruited Cam as their chief hunter, his suicidal thoughts surged. To earn the enviable invitation, Cam had spent 16 hours a day grinding on WoW, to the detriment of everything else.
5 Alternatives to Game Quitters 2.0

Keep your promises and be more productive

Become more productive with kurps by tracking your goals and promises every single day. You can create custom goals and promises (or kurps) fast and easy. You can set all sorts for goals and promises like giving a gift to your child, completing your project in time or event quit smoking.

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6 Alternatives to Kurps

Secure Document Signing & Verification Powered by Blockchain

Encrypted Document Signing and Digital Notary - Powered by the Blockchain

Secure DocuSign Alternative with Video Proofs!

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Introducing Video Proofs on Blockusign: - Record a 20 second verbal sign-off video attesting a document is accurate. - Say something like this "My name is Nick and I sign off on this business deal with John for consulting services. The document has a hash that starts with aJ2 ".
10 Alternatives to Blockusign

Certified snapshots of online information

Take a certified snapshot of any site and share it as a short url.

What can you verify? Proof of identity, email transcript, game stats, website analytics, private messages, online receipt, finances...

Privacy, security and authenticity are our top priorities.

6 Alternatives to Veruv
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