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Get notified when a Twitter username becomes available

Handlescout is a free service that notifies you by email when your desired Twitter username becomes available.

8 Alternatives to Handlescout

Domain Monitoring Made Easy

DomainWatch makes it easy for you to monitor your own domains and ones you want to acquire. We keep an eye on expiration dates, nameservers, SSL certificates, whois contacts and more.

DomainWatch is free for monitoring expiration for 10 domains. If you have more domains and want to monitor more than just expiration dates, say hello.

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Show HN: DomainWatch - Get notified when a domain becomes available
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Weird and available one character domain names

Find available one character domains with international symbols. The .com TLD and many others are available.

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There was a time when merely uttering "WWW." caused investor eyeballs to blink dollar signs. Now, that excitement seems long gone. The digital space is near fully colonized. The .coms have been bought. Our grandparents are now on Facebook. If there's a market to monetize, it's been monetized.
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Use one nickname for all your social networks.

Shuuka is not a social network! Our project consists of facilitating the links by using a specific name for all social networks.

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بہت کم خوش نصیب ایسے ہوتے ہیں، جنہیں سوشل نیٹ ورکنگ کی اکثر سائٹس پر ایک جیسا یوزر یا نک نیم ملتا ہے۔ اکثر صارفین کے مختلف سائٹس پر مختلف نک نیم ہوتے ہیں، جنہیں یاد رکھنا ایک الگ مسئلہ ہوتا ہے۔صارفین کو اب اس حوالے سے پریشان ہونے کی
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Teniendo en cuenta la enorme cantidad de usuarios que tienen las redes sociales, con frecuencia cuesta utilizar el mismo nombre de usuario en todas ellas. Por esta razón, a veces puede resultar complicado localizar la cuenta de una determinada persona en una red social.
Shuuka is an Internet of things product that allows users to list all of their social network accounts under one nickname using a single link: User can also redirect to specific social networks, such as That way, people don't have to remember their ...
Hoy en día tenemos muchas redes sociales, en la cuales no siempre es posible de usar un mismo apodo. Por esa razón, resulta complicado encontrar una persona en las redes sociales. ¡La solución para esto es shuuka, una página que te ayuda a listar todas tus redes sociales!
Android OS
Cómo usar un solo nombre que enlace a todas las redes sociales ya es posible con, todos los usuarios de redes sociales están conscientes de lo difícil que es recordar los múltiples seudónimos empleados por proveedores, clientes, celebridades, etc. lo que entorpece la comunicación directa entre el público cautivo y los proveedores de servicios o cr… See more
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Did someone ever ask you for your all social accounts? If yes, then I am pretty sure that it should've taken hours to do that. This is because you first opened all your social profiles, copy URL, and then share it with your friends. - Guide e consigli su programmi e software da scaricare
Shuuka è un applicativo che semplifica enormemente l'accesso ai social network (non solo Facebook, Twitter e Instagram, ma anche Snapchat, Youtube, LinkedIn, Blogger, Whatsapp, Behance, Xing). Infatti, la maggior parte degli utenti hanno una pagina su varie reti a ognuna delle quali corrisponde un username diverso.
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A bot that tells you when your domains are about to expire

DomainWatchBot 🤖 is a Telegram Bot which will send you notifications about domain expiration dates. You can add your own domains to the watch list, or track domains you'd like to purchase if they ever get available because they expire.

It's easy to use and complete free for now 💪

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Chatbot's Life
Just days ago, Bloomberg Technology wrote about the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, and how he plans to run the messenger in a completely different way than most other startups are built nowadays. At the same time, messengers are becoming more and more important with the bot revolution, and the interface of messaging with an AI is getting stronger.
I have phases with Twitter. Sometimes it feels like a resource of great knowledge. Sometimes I feel like it's a big waste of time. However, on the 15th of November, I saw this tweet by @ndethore: The thing is. At the time of his tweet, I was already working on bots for Telegram (namely
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