Alternative products to Halo Wireless Phone Charging Stand

9 alternative and related products to Halo Wireless Phone Charging Stand

Halo Wireless Phone Charging Stand
Sustainable wireless phone charger made from wood

Redefining ​experience ​of ​multitasking ​with ​a ​smartphone

No ​more ​wires ​or ​interrupted ​charging ​processes. ​Even ​while

talking ​on ​the ​phone. ​Technology ​which ​we ​put ​inside ​HALO

phone ​stands, ​gives ​something ​that ​we ​all ​were ​waiting ​for.

9 Alternatives to Halo Wireless Phone Charging Stand

Beautiful wireless charging pad by Grovemade

Grovemade love industrial design and believe the latest smart phones are beautiful objects in their own right. Their wireless charging pads have been designed to be clean and simple, to better complement your space and your phone. Available now at an introductory price, ships early December.

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The Verge
If you're looking at a wireless charger - say, for your new iPhone X - there are plenty of good options out there, but from a visual perspective, you're more or less consigning yourself to a plastic plate that sits on your desk.
22 Alternatives to The Wireless Charging Pad

The safest wireless car cradle ever made ⚡🚗

The Boltron is a ⚡fast-charging, ⚡fast-mounting, convenient, and secured wireless in-car phone cradle that perfectly suits your car. Just like a customized tailored suit, Boltron was designed to complement both your phone and your car.

Boltron combines driver, car & phone into one entity, bonding each part to create an ultimate driving experience.

11 Alternatives to Boltron
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