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Get validation on your startup idea.
2 Alternatives to HackMyMVP

Product Validation Checklist is a system for choosing your target market, finding a problem to solve, and determining whether you should keep pursuing your idea.

Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen- Entrepreneur
Excellent guide to validating a product or service. The most important bit for me is that the process is outlined and actionable.
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Justin Jackson
It's hard to make things that people want. You might release a new feature thinking it will hockey-stick their growth. But when they deploy it, users complain. Nobody wants to be out of touch with their audience. But it happens all the time. Even big companies make these mistakes.
Indie Hackers
I recently received this question: I've built a software product. Currently, there's no demand for it in the market, but I'm sure people . How can I get people using it? The only way to successfully market a product is to make something people want.
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