Alternative products to Habitify 3.0

16 alternative and related products to Habitify 3.0

Habitify 3.0
A free iOS habit tracker with data analytics

Habitify is the best, free modern habit tracker app that will let you organize your schedule and provide you with the motivation you need to have a productive day. Habitify also makes your life easier by showing you helpful statistics and awesome graphs to keep track of your daily habits.

16 Alternatives to Habitify 3.0

Fabulous is a science-based app, incubated in Duke's Behavioral Economics Lab, that will help you build healthy rituals into your life, just like an elite athlete.

"And I have used Fabulous a week. She‘s like my spiritual mentor, teach me, motivate me every moring, afternoon and night in an effective way. You are the protagonist of this journey."

Sam- Full Stack
The research-based 'journeys' have really made an impact as I go through my daily life. It also supports creating your own rituals and habits and allows you to easily track them. The UI design is downright gorgeous on top of all that.
Tyler Priest
Tyler Priest- Product & Growth Specialist
This product does more than help you meditate, it uses mental models and behavioural tools to help you build the habits and routines into your day that will create more happiness, fulfillment & joy in your life, telling you exactly what it is doing and why along the way.
Miles Turpin
Miles Turpin
Fabulous is awesome! Unlike other apps which takes advantage of psychological quirks to advertise more effectively, Fabulous uses behavioral research coming out of Dan Ariely's lab at Duke University to help you improve yourself!
8 Alternatives to Fabulous for iOS

A simple habit tracker for iOS

Habit app helps you create and maintain positive habits. Do daily yoga, meditate, drink more water, read books, skip social media, go to beds at one time or whatever you want to make to become better version of yourself.

17 Alternatives to Habit

Form good habits & save the most of your time, anywhere.

Habit Tracker for macOS is a super minimal and straightforward Habit Tracker that does exactly what it is designed to do: Help you form good habits. No complicated setup, no colorful taggings, no flying animation and (yes!) no ads.

Visit their website on the right and use the code PRODUCTHUNT30 to get 30% discount of the macOS version!

Alan Ng.
Alan Ng.- Marketing Manager at Habitify
How about Habitify? We have tons of productivity app out there, but maybe not yet for a habit tracker!
Latoya Sanders
Latoya Sanders- Salesman, Trader, Investor, and Writer
- Simple yet intuitive display - Lots of useful configuration options - Syncs between iOS and Mac - Has some really great analytics
Hoài An
Hoài An
Definitely a life-saving app when it comes to productivity
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Make the most of the best habit tracking apps for iPhone and iPad to ramp up your productivity and quit the bad habits to be more focused. Moreover, they offer you the desired flexibility to achieve your goal at your own pace.
As someone who makes to-do lists of super simple tasks just to satisfy my tick-kick, rewards myself with gold and has a (possibly unhealthy) obsession with trolling the app store, I like to think of myself as a pseudo-expert when it comes to task management applications.
We all have habits, good and bad. But what we sometimes fail to understand is that the quickest (not the easiest, but the quickest) way to change our life for the better is to start and maintain a new habit.
iOS/Mac: You have a lot of excellent options for tracking your habits, but Habitify is one of the first we've seen that not only looks good, it also includes a charity donation when you do well. As an app, Habitify hits all the key points for tracking habits.
The Economic Times
Get It For: Free, for iOS With every new year comes the promise of a new resolution, and to help you effect a permanent change this time is this app. Like the name suggests, it helps you form habits. Many of our actions on a daily basis are habits.
Rating and price
15 Alternatives to Habitify for macOS

A new way to track your habits from the browser 🎯✅

Karma helps you track your habits from the browser. Use-cases:

🏃Track your offline habits from the new page tab [Gym, Reading]

🔗Track your online habits from URL automatically

💸100% Free as long as you stick to your habits, pay only if you delete habits.

neha kandpal
neha kandpal
Tracking my habits makes it easy for making new day schedule.
It helps me track my efforts towards my goals in a very creative and promising way.
Ananya Agrawal
Ananya Agrawal
Seeing your goals on every new tab is really helpful
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A new way to track your online and offline habits from your browser. We thought of making a new page chrome extension to motivate our small group when we open our browser. It works, so we wanted to share it with the world.
13 Alternatives to Karma Smart Habit Tracker

Panos Spiliotis
Panos Spiliotis- Neybox Interactive
Today is a beautiful easy to use and versatile habit tracking app that lets you build a unique dashboard for each habit, made of cards that offer the functionality you need to track the habit efficiently in a data-rich context.
a- Software Engineer. Music Maker.
I use it as a simple and visual way to stay on track of new fundamental habits I'm trying to install in my life
Rating and price
25 Alternatives to Today

Teach yourself consistency by writing one sentence per day

Journmail is a small journal application that tries to improve your consistency by reminding you to post one sentence per day.

It sends you an email reminder at 6PM your time to remind you to post your daily sentence and you post it by replying to that email.

It keeps track of your streaks and comes with the UI for history of your messages.

15 Alternatives to Journmail

Keep your promises and be more productive

Become more productive with kurps by tracking your goals and promises every single day. You can create custom goals and promises (or kurps) fast and easy. You can set all sorts for goals and promises like giving a gift to your child, completing your project in time or event quit smoking.

Rating and price
6 Alternatives to Kurps

Free and easy way to be more aware of your daily activities

No longer do you need to pay to track more than 3 habits.
Easily track good and bad habits. Set clear goals. Analyze your progress. Focus on what makes you happy. Keep improving.
Please reach out to us with any questions or ideas.
Thank you,

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1. You want to track your daily habits. "10 reasons to use Aware" is published by Parker Klein.
For over 3 years I've been wanting to build a habit tracker. They are simple, they are a great hobby project, and they are useful applications to help you recognize patterns in your actions in order to make better decisions in the future.
20 Alternatives to Aware

Unique tracking system powered by emojional intelligence

Paying attention to what you feel is the most powerful way to improve your day to day life. Tracking habits with emojis might seem silly... but there is at least one person for whom it worked out. :)

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This would be a quick personal story about how I got better with my habits. In 2018 I truly realised how important habits are. And what helped me a lot to have a progress was my bullet journal. But... no checkmarks and streaks! No, it was different.
11 Alternatives to Habit Tracker with Emojional Intelligence
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