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Habit Tracker alternatives and competitors

A complete no-app, no-code, no-battery habit tracker to make your new habit stick. Print it out, grab some pens and get started.
Top Habit Tracker alternatives
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  • Kin is a social habit tracking app that helps you create long-lasting changes. We make it easy and fun to build healthy habits effectively. Take courses to learn new habits or improve existing ones, share habits with friends and much more.
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  • Super Habit is an iOS app that shows you an entire year of daily habits and calculates your streaks. Build a great life, one habit at a time!

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    I love the simplicity and the big picture view you get.

  • Habit app helps you create and maintain positive habits. Do daily yoga, meditate, drink more water, read books, skip social media, go to beds at one time or whatever you want to make to become better version of yourself.

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    Keep up the good work -- enjoying my first few minutes with the app so far.

  • Habit Tracker for macOS is a super minimal and straightforward Habit Tracker that does exactly what it is designed to do: Help you form good habits. No complicated setup, no colorful taggings, no flying animation and (yes!) no ads.

    Visit their website on the right and use the code PRODUCTHUNT30 to get 30% discount of the macOS version!

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    Habitify has always been my go-to when it comes to daily routine tracking. I thought I could never use it on my Mac but finally!

  • TickTick is an all-in-one productivity app that is simple to use.
    It helps people get the most out of their life by managing to-dos, scheduling on a calendar, taking notes, and staying focused all in one place.
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  • Repeat

    Repeat is a productivity app with content and guidance for those of us just getting started and flexible options for the pros. There are no subscriptions, no ads and no selling your data.
    Please consider leaving a review if you like the app.
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  • MicroHabits

    Meet MicroHabits, easy to use app that helps you build habits that stick. Micro habits are simple habits that you cannot find excuse for not doing them. Chaining them to already established routines helps you to maintain the streak.
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  • Grow

    5.0★5 reviews
    Free options
    Grow is an automatic habit tracker that helps you build long-lasting habits with Apple Health, so you can finally say goodbye to manual recording. It also connects your habits by Perfect Day challenge to help you achieve all your goals and win a medal!
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  • Harold is a habit tracking method you can actually stick with. No more updating a google spreadsheet and then never looking at it again. Harold takes care of the tracking for you. Start building those daily habits and unlock your potential.
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  • Steady Habit is a free habit tracking app that helps you get incrementally better every day by converting your big goals into small tasks.

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    A limited functionality is not really a problem as long as you keep improving the app. I believe you'll do that so I'm recommending it. The …

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  • Habbit

    Take the 21 days streak challenge and earn the highest badge as an affirmation of you conquering your mind.
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  • Forte

    Forte is here to help you track your progress as you build new habits or quit old ones. Unlike other habits trackers, Forte doesn't set you back to zero for missing one day; Forte gives you a score for each habit instead of just counting streaks.
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  • A simple habit tracker with a powerful iOS14 widget set that helps build a better version of yourself. At the core of the algorithm lays the idea that you need 21 days to form a positive habit and 91 days to turn it into a lifestyle.
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  • Timecap 2

    Habit tracker that helps you improve your life & reach goals
    What can Timecap do?
    ⏱️ Time tracker – set a timer for anything you want to track
    ✅ Check off activities – quick & easy way to mark things done
    5️⃣ Counter – count how many times you do an activity
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  • Timecap

    Hi, Product hunters.
    Been working hard this year to bring even better features to Timecap and this is the a major release I presenting to you all.
    It already has helped hundreds of thousands of users to improve their lives and we are just getting started.
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  • Dark Habits

    5.0★1 review
    Payment required
    Daily habit tracker in a google sheet.
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  • DoHabits

    DoHabits helps you create healthy routines by helping you set goals, tracking your progress, and then motivating you with streaks.
    DoHabits can help you both BUILD and QUIT habits/activities.
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  • Notion Minimalist Habit Tracker

    Payment required
    Create, track and reflect on your habits in a minimalist notion environment with a help of this notion template.
    - Habit Tracker
    - Weekly Goal Stats
    - Reflection Board
    - Reflection Questions
    - Custom Icon Pack and Cover
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  • Kickstart 2.0

    Kickstart - Habit Tracker is a powerful and effective habit tracker.
    Main features of the app:
    - Presets, a set number of habits to follow and improve.
    - Kits based on the celebrities lifestyle
    - Widget for more convenient tracking.
    - Bad habits to quit.
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  • Rately

    Track your important activities, or daily themes, every day.
    Ask yourself, what is important for you to do every day?
    What makes you happy?
    Add those activities into Rately and rate your progress every single day to reflect and improve your life.
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