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Gupshup alternatives and competitors

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Build, test and deploy your bot in minutes, across platforms
Top Gupshup alternatives
Video call APIs built for developers
  • Motion AI + Smooch.io

    Build bots in minutes without code, deploy them anywhere
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  • Xano

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    Free options
    Xano is the fastest way to build a scalable backend for your App using No Code. Each Xano account comes with a scalable server, a flexible database, and a No Code API builder that can transform, filter, and integrate with data from anywhere.
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  • Meya

    Meya is a customer experience (CX) automation platform that helps organizations better serve their customers via conversational interfaces on websites, mobile apps and more.

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  • Fuel faster growth and personalization with Octane AIโ€™s all-in-one platform for Quizzes, Facebook Messenger & SMS automation, and opt-in tools. Use Octane AI to create buyer profiles and personalize your marketing channels.
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    I use it in all my pages

  • A modular and easy-to-use opensource bot maker to build chatbots and vocal assistants. We created an easy-to-use bot maker, for everyone to start building tomorrow's virtual assistants, by text or by voice.

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  • Rasa Core

    Rasa Core is an open source framework for building bots and voice apps. Instead of writing thousands of rules to control how conversations should go, you provide real example conversations to teach the system how to talk

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  • Build and deploy custom chatbots in minutes
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    Definitely promising

  • Codefield is a small new platform helping developers,designers and even photographers find tools that will make completing their next project a whole lot easier.

    From photos to simple html templates to different more complex projects you'll find it all in here.

    P.S since all those negative reviews we have updated the landing page.

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    it's a new product so there's not much content but the idea of easily accessing multiple tools in one place is

  • Rebotify

    Create your own chat bot for Facebook, Slack and web
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