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Sell anything directly to anyone.

Do you need a little "push" to start showing your creative art to the world? Gumroad will give you a hand in that by helping you set your landing page and give you a chance to start selling your artworks to your audience. A lot of writers, game developers, musicians, designers, artists, and filmmakers are using Gumroad.

7 alternative and related products to Gumroad


Sell anything to anyone, anywhere. A new app from Shopify.

Today Shopify is launching a mobile app that allows consumers to sell their wares through social channels. This is the first time the commerce platform has broken away from its shopping cart and point-of-sale business.
E-commerce company Shopify is launching a new app called Sello. Sello product director Christopher Lobay said that even though Shopify has made it easier for businesses to build online stores, it now wants to go further by "democratizing" the selling process and "removing all the intimidation" that might prevent someone from selling products online.
18 Alternatives to Sello

Sell It Easy

The fast and painless way to sell your stuff in 30 seconds

A new startup called Sell It Easy is offering an alternative to larger marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist with a new service that handles the entire selling process for you, from item pricing to posting online to shipping to buyers and more.
As the world of DIY online commerce continues to expand, so too does the range of services that facilitate it. One of the latest entrants into the field is Sell It Easy, a San Francisco-based startup that - unlike established players like eBay and Craigslist, which require the sellers of items to be hands-on in the process - manages the pricing, Web posting … See more
13 Alternatives to Sell It Easy

What's the best service to manage pre-orders & orders for a digital book?

Ellen ChisaCofounder/CEO,
Gumroad - Sell anything directly to anyone.
"Gumroad (founded by @shl) has been around and used by many indie creators and authors. It should do everything you need!"
Celery - Preorder payments (+ ecommerce) with 2 lines of code
"Celery has a very straight forward platform."

What's the best way to share files on a subscription basis?

Lee | Mr ExplainerHi I am Lee aka Mr Explainer.
SlackPass - Subscription access to anything with Slack
"Could be a solution, charge to join a channel where you update files? Not quite what you want but may be a work around."
Shopify - Make commerce better for everyone.
"Shopify and an addon called Locksmith could do this and a lot more"

What's the best subscription management platform for selling a digital product?

Adam KazwellProduct manager/observer
SendOwl - Sell Digital Products Online
"Super simple. Great features such as Upsells and Cart Abandons to help you sell more"
Truebill - Find your paid subscriptions and cancel with 1-click
"In my opinion, Truebill is the best."

What are the best alternatives to Stripe for countries where Stripe isn't available?

Mihec Podlesek🚀CS thesis student, Maker
Gumroad - Sell anything directly to anyone.
"works perfectly for payments for private entrepreneurs. And it works un many countries, where Stripe doesn't"
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