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5 alternative and related products to Guilded V2

Guilded V2

Team management for eSports

Guilded V2 makes it easier for players to build and organize their gaming teams.

5 Alternatives to Guilded V2

Super Smash Bros eSports player & stats platform

SSB World is a platform for competitive Super Smash Bros. eSports players to collect tournament matches and compile advanced stats through our collected proprietary data. The site is run on UGC via the eSports gaming community.

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PvP Live
SSBWorld will help you learn any of Smash 4's 1700 possible 1v1 matchups.
Miketendo64! The Place To Go For Anything Nintendo
Super Smash Bros. is a fun party game for many people, but there is a competitive community for the game as well. If you are looking to get better at Smash Bros. or follow the competitive scene, a new site called SSB World has you covered.
Super Smash Bros. is a series of games that were made with the local couch competitor or party game scene in mind, but over time, it has largely been played by more competitive players. The newest title, Super Smash Bros....
​ Having problems learning specific match ups for your main inSuper Smash Bros. for Wii U? Looking to up your game smarts? SSBWorld might be the solution. With 56 characters in the game, hundreds of YouTube channels to learn from, and countless amounts of data, it is no surprise thatSmash Wii U is a hard game to master.
Akshon Esports
We had a chance to talk to creator of SSB World, Anthony Nelson, about his website which acts as a database for Smash 4 tournaments. He explains in-depth his motivation for creating SSB World, what it offers to the community that can't be found anywhere else, and where he sees SSB World going in the near future.
The Game Haus
The landscape of Smash is growing rapidly with the frequency of weekend majors, and payouts starting to rise. The amount of data out there for Smash 4 alone is daunting. Smash has endless amounts of information tied to the game; but with Smashboard's popularity falling, it's gotten harder to find reliable sources of information regarding Smash 4.
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