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Guilded alternatives and competitors

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Find, manage, and challenge gaming teams

Top alternatives for Guilded

PointCard™ Neon
Made to spend.
  • iGotNext

    Gamers are always seeking a new challenge! iGotNext provides real time lobbies for your favorite games, highlighting users who are active and ready to battle or team up. Tap on a user to initiate a challenge and reveal Friend Code/Gamertags and Discord IDs.
  • Arsenal.gg

    Arsenal.gg is an industry leading discovery and analytics tool for live content surrounding video games.

    Access to data surrounding particular games and influencers gives customers a powerful arsenal of tools that can assist in making important business decisions.

  • Yaw2

    Payment required
    Yaw2 is a high motion range, compact and affordable motion simulator from Yaw VR. This next generation device is capable of a 40° motion range for roll, and 70° for pitch, and adding the Yaw Platform enables a 360° rotation, all with exceptional speed.
  • Evolve

    Matchmaking for game play - "Quit Playing with Yourself"