Alternative products to Greycork Living Room Collection

7 alternative and related products to Greycork Living Room Collection

Greycork Living Room Collection
The new standard for furniture
7 Alternatives to Greycork Living Room Collection

Use code PH75 for $75 off the spill-proof pet-friendly sofa.

Burrow is the luxury couch for real life. Customize any Burrow product with your choice of fabrics, legs, arm heights, and lengths. And if your space changes, the modular design means it can grow with you. Not to mention there's a built in USB port for when your phone is in the red.

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The last time I bought a couch, I looked at more than 4000 before finally settling. Then I had to figure out if it would fit through my door. Like Casper, Burrow ships in boxes, and even vacuum packs its cushions in a similar way. Assembly is tool-free and ridiculously easy.
Burrow, a startup bringing a Casper-style approach to manufacturing and delivering sofas, is announcing that it has raised $4.3 million in seed funding. This might not sound like the most obvious area for a startup to tackle - unless you've had the experience of trying to carry a couch up a twisty flight of stairs, or attempting to squeeze it through a narro… See more
The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Raise your hand if you like moving. If you're raising your hand, you are probably lying to yourself.
Hitting that furniture sweet spot of quality and affordability is notoriously difficult, and the recent closing of much-buzzed-about "Ikea challenger" Greycork is a sobering reminder. But that doesn't mean others aren't still trying. The latest startup taking a shot at shaking up the furniture industry is Burrow, which officially launched yesterday with a li… See more
Five words you would dread to hear from your manufacturing partner, especially when trapped on a bus going from New York to Philadelphia. Your mind starts racing. What's the extent of the damage? How much is this going to cost? How long will it delay production? What do I do?
5 Alternatives to Burrow Sofa

Minimal, lightweight, simple-to-assemble bed frame

The Floyd Bed Frame is an innovative bed frame made to be put together easy and to be able to use it in urban living and at the same time to be absolutely durable and lasting. This minimal bed frame is built for you to love it and its simplicity.

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The Floyd Bed is a truly adaptable bed frame designed for city living, and perfect for that foam mattress living on the floor -modular, sturdy and moves with you (not to mention it's also beautiful!). Engineered to be the last bed frame you'll have to buy.
Bed frames are notoriously hard to move. They are huge, bulky, uncompromising pieces of furniture that can be expensive and a big headache to transfer from home to home. It's a wonder the entire design hasn't been revamped...until now. The Floyd Platform Bed is an easy to install, modular bed frame that can grow or shrink according to your needs.
photography by COURTESY OF FLOYD Every now and then, we come across a product that we just can't stop thinking about. This time, it's Floyd's platform bed-and Floyd in general. Because they don't just make beautiful, minimal furniture, they make it well.
Kyle Hoff and Alex O'Dell are on a mission to rethink apartment essentials. Wanting to offer millennials affordable and simple-plus well-built and American-made-alternatives to Ikea and its kind, they set up shop in a Detroit garage in 2014 and named their company Floyd (a salute to the three-generations of steel workers in Kyle's family, all Floyds).
6 Alternatives to The Floyd Bed Frame

Platform that connects you with innovative design brands

Clippings is UK's largest online source for furniture and lighting, where you can discover and buy 3M+ products from high-end design brands including Vitra, Flos, HAY, Gubi, Moroso and many more. It's the go-to destination for product discovery. Used by interior designers to specify furniture and customers buying the perfect piece for their home.

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Fohlio Blog
Sure, interior design is a creative field. It's also a businesses, however, which means anything we can do to save time translates into saving money. Think about it: Who enjoys going back and forth a million times with a client who can't make up their mind?
Clippings is a beautifully curated marketplace that connects you with innovative design brands, making it easy to furnish a unique and personal home.
The on-line platform for interior design, raised 2.8 million pounds from the European Fund - C4 Ventures. "Today we're excited to announce that we've raised £2.8 million in a Series A round of venture capital funding, enabling us to accelerate our vision for using technology to revolutionize the interior design industry.
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Improve your sleep at the touch of a button

Yaasa Adjustable Bed is that works with most modern mattresses. 10 year warranty and free shipping - $1299, or $85/month.

Use code producthunt for $100 OFF during checkout.

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The Sleep Sherpa
(Last Updated On: February 18, 2018)Yaasa Studios has introduced an adjustable bed that actually looks cool! Adjustable bed no longer have to look like you have a hospital bed in your room. Yaasa Studios has shown that they can be a thing of beauty and make your bedroom more inviting.
Founded in 2017, California-based Yaasa Studios is a new furniture company in the sleep world that prides itself on its ability to adapt to its customers needs. In this vein, the brand's not only released a mattress, but also blankets, candles and an adjustable bed.
5 Alternatives to Yaasa Adjustable Bed

A new collection of couches from Burrow

The signature design, now available in top-grain Italian leather from the modular, direct to consumer furniture company

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This morning, Burrow released a better version of its best-in-class couches. The Nomad Collection features redesigned cushions, improved arm height, more customization options, more fabric options, bolstered hardware and a brand-new leather look. But the company's second collection doesn't look much different than the first.
4 Alternatives to Burrow Nomad Collection
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