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Greenhouse CI
Hassle-free continuous integration for mobile apps 📱
16 Alternatives to Greenhouse CI

Event/Data distribution system without any configuration

TreeScale is a technology that allows building real-time PubSub applications with highly-scalable architecture, using Math Tree/Graph-based scalability instead of standard horizontal scalability.

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By the end of 2015 I started coding TreeScale networking technology from plain idea schema. At that time I didn't know that match about Docker or containers, but Docker itself was part of the idea that TreeScale is built for.
Rust Programming language is relatively new programming language with huge innovative solutions and surprisingly it is offering unlimitedly safe coding with C/C++ like performance. TreeScale is a networking technology which scales with mathematical three/graph principle and algorithms and allowing infinite scaling without predefined services modification at … See more
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Build, deploy & gather feedback for your mobile apps

buddybuild is a development service to make it easier to create and iterate on apps.

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Apple continues to ramp up its efforts to court developers by making it easier to create and iterate their apps for its platforms. The iPhone giant has now acquired Buddybuild, a Vancouver-based app tools startup that describes itself as "mobile iteration platform" focused on continuous integration and debugging tools - essentially giving an app development … See more
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Validate your code for consistency with a coding standard.

The goal of WebCodeSniffer is to help developers to write clean, consistent, structured and standards-compliant code (PHP, Javascript, CSS) in order to prevent bugs and to make the code easy to maintain, read, share and distribute. WebCodeSniffer is a web interface of PHP_CodeSniffer and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.

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A cloud native continuous integration platform with unlimited concurrency as standard. Use Docker containers as tasks and only pay for the time they run.

Unlimited concurrency and parallelism

Docker as tasks, use any public Docker image or create your own

Realtime logs into GitHub Apps

Monorepo support

YAML configuration

Pay per minute billing

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Conditionally run tasks when certain files change
Sail CI aims to solve complex problems to help teams focus on delivering customer value every second of every day (including our own). As we evolve and improve the Sail CI platform (currently in open alpha at the time of writing), we want to share with everyone how and what happens with your source code when using the platform.
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New and improved integrations to build better apps!

Instabug Integrations Hub helps you receive detailed bug reports and in-app messages directly in the tool you use. Whether it’s Jira, GitHub, Slack and more, we built dozens of integrations to help your team focus on what matters without disrupting their workflow.

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The new Instabug and Teamwork Projects integration lets you collect bug reports from mobile apps and turn them into tasks for your development team in just one click! Find out how this integration will help you improve your...
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Today, as an early Christmas present for all mobile developers and bug squashers, we bring you the Instabug Integrations Hub! The new landing page features our integrations with third-party software commonly used with Instabug: the best bug trackers, project management tools, CRMs, and more!
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Fastest CI/CD platform for world’s best engineering teams

Take your CI/CD practise to the next level with Semaphore 2.0.

It comes with:

- powerful and fully customizable CI/CD pipelines,

- fully customizable stages,

- parallel execution,

- control flow switches,

- secrets and dependency management.

All this within a “pay as you grow” model to enable you to scale up quickly and painlessly.

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Since its inception in 2012, Semaphore has been focused on making code testing and deployment a quick and easy process. The cloud-based CI/CD platform Semaphore 2.0 expands the Semphore platform to enable continuous delivery, so teams of all sizes can can model their CI/CD however they prefer.
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At Semaphore, we subscribe to the idea that while problems can be complex, solutions must be simple. Since its inception in 2012, we guided product development by two principles: speed and simplicity. About a year ago, we asked ourselves: what kind of a CI/CD product would these principles translate to today?
We are very excited to share the good news with you: Semaphore 2.0 is finally out!
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Automate your dependency updates easily

Codario is a cloud based open source dependency update as a service solution that helps you to stay secure with your package and dependency manager files. We are the innovative team of App Guard GmbH located in Darmstadt, Germany.

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