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4 alternative and related products to Graphite

Decentralized and encrypted alternative to Google docs

Graphite is a secure, private, and simple productivity suite alternative to Google's G-Suite and Dropbox. Own your encryption keys, own your data.

4 Alternatives to Graphite

Coda is a new type of document that blends the flexibility of documents, the power of spreadsheets, and the utility of apps into a single new canvas.

Jeremy Olson
Jeremy Olson- Designer @ Coda
I also work there but one of my family members created a Coda doc for our family vacation, allowing us to vote on activities, schedule collaboratively, etc. It's been great.
Glenn Jaume
Glenn Jaume
I've been planning my upcoming vacation in Coda (disclaimer I work there). I like it because I can start free-form and evolve to what I need for that trip over time. For example I started with a table to throw ideas of places to go into, but that evolved into tasks for marking when I had booked something or decided against it. Then when I hooked this up lat… See more
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin- Brand, Product and Tech guy
A very approachable interface that can be as simple as a word doc, or as complex as a full blown PM program with interactive widgets. You create it exactly how you want. It merges the best parts of a word processor, spreadsheet and calendar into one.
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The Verge
When Shishir Mehrotra worked at YouTube, he was struck by the relatively pedestrian tools that kept the site running. Mehrotra, who served as the company's head of product until he left in 2014, managed his team largely using a combination of Google Docs and Sheets.
When you open a Google doc or a spreadsheet, you get a blank spreadsheet and some documentation as to what you can do with it - and that's pretty much where we've been for quite some time.
A startup came out of three years in stealth Thursday with a simple goal: Make documents better. Called Coda, the startup has the ambitious goal of making a "doc as powerful as an app," reads the company's Medium post on the launch.
Product Hunt
After 3 years in stealth, Coda launched their "Excel killer" to the world.
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A decentralized Kanban board built on Blockstack

Kanstack is a decentralized Kanban board built on Blockstack. Offline friendly, with client-side encryption.

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The Stack Cafe™
Welcome to the Stack CafeTM - Blockstack: A New dApp - Kanstack kanban boards. We just heard about a new decentralized application, a kanban board. Today, we will try and provide a brief overview of the new application. When updates are pushed out, we will try and provide new posts as appropriate.
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A decentralized & encrypted replacement for Google's G-Suite

Graphite is a decentralized and encrypted replacement for Google's G-Suite. Built on Blockstack and powered by the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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Washington Post
March 23 It's been a terrible week for Facebook, with policymakers and users alike demanding answers from the social network over its Cambridge Analytica fiasco, in which the data analysis firm improperly accessed the personal information of about 50 million Facebook users. But the backlash has had at least one major beneficiary.
At a time when concerns over how big companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google are handling our data continue to grow, two blockchain-based apps have joined forces to offer productivity tools that give you full control over your own data.
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