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A simple and elegant tool for all your data extraction needs
Grabbly is a tool for extracting and mining web data. With a single click you can begin extracting structured data from the web.
9 Alternatives to Grabbly

Extract structured data and visualize it without code

Parsers is a browser extension for extracting structured data from sites and their visualization without code. You need to click on the data on the site and start the process. After the process is over, you can see the analyzed data on the charts and download the structured data in the required format (Excel, xml, csv) or get by API.

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Scraper is a tool to extract data from websites. Web scraper extract the necessary information and save it in a local file on your computer or transferred via API. Scrapers can be used for various Read more
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Scrape the web, sans manual scripting is a data extractor that requires no coding. In only a few clicks a website is transformed into a machine-readable data a.k.a. Web scraping. Get the information you need - comparison between the web pages, monitoring or just point and click for data extraction.

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
You can use for this! It's fairly flexible and allows you to go as far as creating an API via web scraped content.
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes- Bebo
It's not perfectly intuitive but it's always my go-to for scraping when I don't/can't write a script.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Import is slick. Use its WYSWYG editor to select elements of the page/site you want to track and it'll turn it into an API you can use elsewhere.
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Automatically extract product data with an API

If you need to extract product data from a website, might be the tool you need.
With just the URL and no coding, you can get every piece of information you need from a website thanks to's scraping techniques and machine learning algorithms

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Show HN: - Automatic product data extraction
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