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7 alternative and related products to GoT Spoilers

GoT Spoilers
Send anonymous Game of Thrones spoilers via SMS ⚔️
7 Alternatives to GoT Spoilers

This is a Chrome Extension to quickly and easily block all mentions of the new Avengers movie until you've had a chance to go and see it. There are spoilers everywhere - beware!

I made this today after seeing numerous articles on how to best avoid Avengers spoilers. Also, Avengers spoilers were trending on Twitter. Enjoy!

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"Avengers: Infinity War" premiered Monday night in Hollywood to a packed audience and spoilers are bound to get out before the movie opens worldwide on Thursday. Here are the top three ways to avoid having it ruined online before seeing the movie.
9 Alternatives to Avengers: Infinity War Spoilers Blocker

Send GOT Spoilers via SMS

GOT Spoilers is back with a new version and featuring the final season!
Perfect for people who always post spoilers on social media, or people who have sent you a spoiler.
Send Game of Thrones spoilers via SMS anonymously now.

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f you are one of those who ruin other people's TV shows by telling them spoilers, then you should stop doing that. Otherwise, someone else might end up doing what Enrique Benitez did. Benitez has created a website named Spoil Your Enemies and it does what is says; it destroys the life of your enemies ...
Spoil Your Enemies is a web app I made in less than a month, it allows users to send anonymous tv show spoilers to their enemies (friends you want to upset) via SMS! 😂 Just select a tv show, drop in...
4 Alternatives to GOT Spoilers 2.0
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