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Google Trends alternatives and competitors

4 reviews

Google Trends has been updated with new features, a new design, simpler navigation & more ways to explore data and stories around one of the world’s biggest journalistic datasets.

- Trending searches

- Data stories curated by the News Lab team

- Easy access to Year in Search (going back to 2001)

- New infographic types to compare different topics

Top alternatives for Google Trends

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Exploding Topics

    A one-stop aggregator for trending topics in health, business, marketing, fashion and more. Topics are sourced from millions of data points, including search, shopping and online communities.
  • Google News

    8 reviews

    Google News organizes what's happening to help you learn more about the stories that matter to you and the world.

    Get the Google News app, available for both Android and IOS.

    Curious if this is another example of group think... If it's looking at what my friends do and what I typically do then it'll reinforce that…

    See more
  • Glimpse

    2 reviews

    Glimpse is a monthly newsletter that surfaces rapidly growing trends: companies, products, industries, and styles.

    The trends are identified by tracking nearly every word and phrase across search, media, shopping, and social websites, then surfacing those that show rapid growth.

    Can’t wait to see what In here.

  • Trends Everywhere

    Never miss a trend!
    The easiest way for data-driven people to track current Internet trends. Add a beautiful keyword trends chart to every search you make on the web.
    Trends Everywhere allows you to track trends every time you search something on google.
  • Exploding Topics 2.0

    3 reviews
    1 year ago, we launched the first version of Exploding Topics on Product Hunt. Since then we’ve added thousands more trends. Massively improved the app. And inspired new product ideas for some fellow makers. Check out ET 2.0!
  • Keylitic

    7 reviews
    Know what's most popular with online shoppers. Keylitic uses data from search engines and retail websites to report what product keywords are trending.
  • Treendly

    2 reviews
    Monitor signals across the internet to identify and track new trends in your industry. 📈
  • Glimpse 2.0

    7 reviews
    Glimpse is a newsletter highlighting rapidly growing trends. We analyze hundreds of millions of consumer behavior signals from across the web to surface the most important and fastest growing trends that are under the radar.

    If you're on the fence, I would test out a higher tier for one month. The data insights are like nothing you've ever seen.

  • Google Year in Search 2017

    1 review

    Year in Search 2017 is data on the most searched for topics on Google from 2017.

    Interesting what people search for. Just sad that so much has to do with bad things that happen. :(

  • Fread

    2 reviews

    Fread Unlimited gives you access to all-you-can eat premium news & journalism for just $12 / £10 a month. That’s it. You can read all the premium paywalled news you ever wanted, but didn't want to pay over $2000 for. Never bounce of a paywall again. No limits, no strings, no fuss. Simple.

    Sign up using the code GETFREADPH at getfread.com

    Looks super interesting - can't wait to get this! Good luck.

  • 250+ Trends for 2022

    250+ trends for 2022 from 70+ recently released trend reports.

    ft: Accenture, Benedict Evans, Deloitte, Dentsu, Forrester, Forbes, Fjord, Gartner, Instagram, McKinsey, Next Atlas, Ogilvy, PWC, Pinterest, Springwise, Sparks & Honey, Trendhunter, Unity, & more.
  • Under the Radar

    Payment required
    Databases covering rising and falling search, GitHub, Product Hunt, Reddit, Amazon, Shopify, Crypto and SaaS trends.
  • Thieve Topics

    Current trends, categories & niches that are hyper relevant and rising. Researched by Thieve with curated products and in depth analysis.
    The ultimate starter for your next dropship store or perfect if you're just shopping for yourself.
  • Keylitic V2

    14 reviews
    Payment required
    Know what products are trending with consumers. Keylitic uses search data from across the web to help you find and search for trends. 50% off with promo code PHUNT50.
  • Shodan Trends

    Payment required
    Shodan Trends is a website that lets users search across the history of the Internet to discover trends in the types of services and devices that are publicly accessible.
  • Trend Vault

    2 reviews
    The vault where you can see all the trends from 2006 - 2022.
    This will take you back to good old days, Enjoy 🥂.
  • Next Trend

    Next Trend is an IOS & Android App that finds the hottest trends on the internet and deliver them right on your phone!
  • Trend Watchers

    Trend Watchers notifies content creators about internet trends across 30+ categories & shows them how to profit off them by using our Viral Video Maker.

    Our trends can also be used for business ideas, dropshipping, SEO, social media & many other things.
  • What Will Trend

    Download full database of 2,351+ Social Media Trends across 365 Days
    😸 Categorized into Themes
    💬 Full Description
    ✍️ Hashtags to Use
    🔮 Day(s) Trend Will Occur
    📈 Popularity Level
    🗓️ Calendar (.ical file)
    📊 Spreadsheet (.csv file)
  • Muck Rack Trends

    Uncover insights, visualize news in real-time and easily generate charts and graphs with this free tool from Muck Rack