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Google Tasks for Mobile alternatives and competitors

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Google Tasks for Mobile is the standalone tasks app for all G-Suite Users. Available on iOS and Android.

Top Google Tasks for Mobile alternatives
  • Dark Theme for Todoist is here! We’ve revamped every color, icon, and font in the app for the full dark experience. It’s available right now on every platform — iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and more.

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    A very nice addition to the best to-do app, but it took them really long.

  • Makerlog is the task log that keeps you making.

    Share what you're working on, earn streaks, and become more productive.

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    I love everything about Makerlog, and have made it a part of my daily grind.

  • Doing stuff with no-one there to push you is hard. Today helps you to actually do that side-project you've been putting off and holds you to it thanks to its unique approach of tracking the time you spend on each task.
    Unique timing. Daily streaks. Eye-candy.
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  • Futuramo Tasks

    Futuramo Tasks is a simple and flexible task manager for teams. Speed up team collaboration by dividing work into tasks, assigning them to colleagues, adding checklists and task attributes. Use smart search and filters panel to organize work. Monitor work progress with advanced statistics.

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  • Octopus Tasks

    Octopus Tasks is a way to make better use of your free-time by completing micro-tasks for friends and companies in the real-world in return for OCTPS Coin

    I'm a 20 year old long-time Product Hunt fan who wanted to build and scale something that I've always wished existed. My plan has been to start from a very minimal app and build out from there.

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  • Organize your tasks into color-coordinated Goals (basically categories) and have the time you spend automatically added up both for reflecting on the past and seeing how booked you are looking forward. Scheduling works more like a paper planner, where you can jot things down for a specific date as well as weeks, months, or even just 2017.

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    I always was a "list" person, never left the house without a notebook and pen.

    Now I use my phone. Very easy to use and convenient.

  • HOLD X is a ‘personal productivity trainer’ that will motivate you to plan your day, execute with ninja-like focus, and provide actionable insights to peak your productivity.
    Do you have your own personal productivity hack to share?? let the Makers know👇
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  • Logtime

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    The simple daily practice of creating a summary of the events, actions and tasks in your day dramatically increases your awareness, productivity and focus as you strive to achieve your goals. Logtime helps to do this practice simply and effectively.
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  • Tasks for Trello 2.0

    Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could make a Trello List into a Tasklist? Well now you can with this Chrome extension.

    NOTE: This is basically a total re-write of my previous extension Trello Tasks with a bunch more features such as per-list settings, faster updates and enhanced board settings.

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  • Trello Tasks

    Turns Trello into a tasklist. Adds a checkbox next to each card so a task can quickly and easily be marked as done.

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  • 7todos

    Free options
    The Blessing and The Curse
    Working on multiple projects can be a blessing and a curse. You want to find out what works out in the world. Keeping track of everything is hard 😵‍💫
    Let 7todos help you to get an overview 🦄
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  • The fastest way to manage your tasks in Process Street.

    With so many tasks to do, it's easy to get lost and easy to get stressed.

    Enter Inbox by Process Street - centralizing your tasks into one easy list.

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  • Meetings Are Dead

    People spend most of their time on meetings, where they are not needed, being unproductive.
    With MAD(Meetings Are Dead) you can assign real tasks and problems to relevant people, while others can continue their work.
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  • Organize your workweek

    Workweek lets you keep track of important tasks, so you can get more done each week and stay in control along the way.

    Do great things together

    Invite your colleagues and increase team productivity. You'll get to see their tasklist so everything stays clear for everyone. Each and every workweek.

    Get it done with Workweek >

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    It's really simple to use, keeps track of your productivity.

  • At WEEEK we know your working day is a constant balancing act. Notifications left and right, deadlines bearing down on you. Our platform lets you take back control of your schedule by presenting an simple workflow with built in notifications and attachments.
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  • Firetask

    Firetask combines the advantages of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD)® with proven classical task management features such as due dates and priorities in a unique way.
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  • TasksBoard

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    Manage all your Google Tasks lists in the same board, and move your tasks from one list to another to order them easily.
    TasksBoard stays synchronized with Google Tasks on Gmail, Calendar, and Google Tasks mobile.
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  • Daily Me

    A simple yet powerful iOS and iPadOS app that helps you navigate through the day.
    Set themes to help you focus, complete tasks, check widgets and log your experiences in a journal.
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  • Tackleapp

    How it works:
    You add a task and a time tracker keeps track of the amount of time spent on it.
    All tasks that are not completed are automatically transferred to the next day.
    Important! Currently only available for Desktop.

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  • Tasks

    A simplistic todo list manager written in Go
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