Alternative products to Google Maps 4.0

Google Maps 4.0

New material design brings bold graphics and fluid motion

5 alternative and related products to Google Maps 4.0

Plus Codes by Google

Street addresses for places that don't have one 🗺️

Plus Codes is a simple and consistent addressing system that works across India and globally. This system is based on dividing the geographical surface of the Earth into tiny ‘tiled areas’, attributing a unique code to each of them

Official Google India Blog
At Google Maps, our objective has always been about organizing all location-related information, and making it more accessible and relevant for Indian users. Address search is critical for delivering on this mission. In India, we know how challenging it can be to reach a given residential address.
6 Alternatives to Plus Codes by Google

Trips by Tesla

See where your Tesla can take you around the world 🚗 ⚡️

Go Anywhere | Tesla allows users to enter any destination and find out how a Tesla can take them there. It includes stop durations, total trip time and gas savings.

Tesla has launched a trip planner on its website to give prospective buyers insight into what it means to own its electric vehicles.
To date, using Tesla's trip planning tool has meant sitting inside your electric car while you map a route that takes you past charging stations. That doesn't make much sense if you're gearing up for vacation, does it? There's now a better way: Tesla has launched a web version of its trip planner to use while you're still sitting at your desk.
Curious about what it's like to plan a long road trip as an electric vehicle owner? Tesla thinks you just might be, so now it's launching a web-based version of its trip planning tool, which was previously only available to Tesla owners via the in-car navigation system.
7 Alternatives to Trips by Tesla

What's the best way to find friends' locations on a map interface?

Soner OzencFounder of MakersCAFE & RazorLAB
Google Maps 4.0 - New material design brings bold graphics and fluid motion
"I use google maps for this. Wired did an article with instructions on how to make a custom map that I liked.… See more

What is your #1 product of all time? Why?

Abhilash JainProduct Marketing / Growth
Spotify - Any song. One tap away.
"First app I install, no matter what the device is. Using it from morning to night. Home, commute, work... It's always on."
Product Hunt 4.0 - Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨
"I guess this is kind of meta^2? Ask PH about your #1 hunted product, which happens to be PH. 😹 But in all seriousness, I wouldn't know abo… See more

What is the best app for maps with GPS only?

Andi BalloneCPO at Papumba
Google Maps 4.0 - New material design brings bold graphics and fluid motion
"Google Maps now has offline functionality too! Not 100% sure if they let you download entire country maps (I've only downloaded maps for ar… See more

What's the best navigation app (for driving)?

R A I Z A🍝 I just want to see the spaghetti emoji
Google Maps 4.0 - New material design brings bold graphics and fluid motion
"Google Maps has helped me go from totally lost to found in time. Life Saver 👌🏽"
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