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Google Duplex

Google Duplex alternatives and competitors

Google Duplex is an AI assistant that can actually talk to humans to get what you need. Powered by Google's powerful AI and tucked into Google Assistant, you'll be able to book reservations and schedule haircuts at hundreds of thousands of restaurants in seconds. More features to come soon.

Top alternatives for Google Duplex

Zendesk for Startups
CX software that grows as you go.
  • M

    A personal assistant built inside Facebook Messenger
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  • New Google Assistant

    Alphabet's new Google Assisstant has Google Lens support, Google Home support, and dozens of other features to run your voice-first life.

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  • API.AI for Google Assistant

    Build conversation actions for Google Home and more
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  • Clara

    Human-in-the-loop assistant that schedules meetings.
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  • Suggestions from M

    Facebook Messenger AI assistant now open to everyone in US
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  • Google Assistant

    It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.
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  • Voicea

    Voicea is the platform behind EVA, your Enterprise Voice Assistant.

    Invite EVA to a meeting and EVA listens in, takes notes and identifies action items.

    Following your meeting, the Voicea platform helps you organize, edit and share highlights to enable better post-meeting collaboration.

    I love, love, love this tool. I used it on 5 calls today. The word cloud was very enlightening, and I love the search feature. The problems:…

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  • Caspy

    Caspy is an AI Personal Assistant for your emails. It helps you foster stronger relationships with important email contacts.

    Just needs more work

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  • Bose QC 35 II

    Bose QC 35 II are engineered with world-class noise cancellation. And now they’re even better. With the Google Assistant built-in, you can play music, receive texts, and get answers without glancing at your phone.

    These are massive but they work well. Great for flights, but large to carry around for the rest of the trip.

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  • RingBot

    This service allows you to make a robot call a given phone number and read out the message you type in. Just type the phone number, the message and you are all set.

    Does it leave a message if they don't pick up?

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  • Maya AI

    Meet Maya your virtual assistant for entrepreneurs. Maya will be running tasks, listening, and communicating on what you need to grow your idea. She will keep you up to date on your current progress and provide the next step you need to take.
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  • Aivon

    Aivon is a powerful image analysis app powered by Artificial Intelligence that enables users to understand the content of an image.

    Our advanced vision-based computing capabilities tool can recognize whatever you’re looking at and offer any essential information you require.

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  • SmartLens

    Using machine learning, SmartLens instantly identifies what you're looking at and delivers proactive suggestions for what you might want to do next.

    If SmartLens recognizes a product, it will enable you to buy it in one tap. If it identifies an animal, landmark, food, or painting, it will show you a Wikipedia description.

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  • PhoneScreen

    Seniors are targeted for fraud, losing an estimated $37 billion a year. PhoneScreen protects them by providing a personal secretary who screens their unknown calls. This holiday season, have peace of mind knowing your loved ones and their assets are safe.
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  • Bestee 2.0

    Here's what makes Bestee unique:
    - Offline
    - Private
    - Replies instantly
    - Independent of tech giants
    - Works in 3rd world countries
    - Helps overcome mental health conditions
    - Allows people who are blind to master their devices
    - A mere 7 MB to download

    I wouldn't waste time considering if I should get it or not- because I already know I want it.

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  • CallJoy

    Finally, small business owners can enjoy the same scalable customer service phone options as large corporations. CallJoy’s powerful cloud-based technology lets you delight your customers and stay focused on doing what you love most – your job.
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  • Jetblack by Walmart

    Jetblack is a new personal shopping service that lets customers order items via a text message with same-day or next-day delivery. For now, Jetblack is an invite-only service, available in parts of New York City and costs $50-a-month. Jetblack was developed in Walmart's in-house incubator, Store No. 8.

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  • Nala

    Your personal email assistant
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  • Mailbutler for Outlook

    Mailbutler is the all-in-one productivity add-in for Outlook. It allows you to save time and get more meaningful work done. With features like Send Later, Tracking, Signatures, Message Templates and Snooze you and your team can get the most out of your emails.
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  • Google Assistant Go

    Lightweight and fast, yet still packed with your favorite features, the Google Assistant is now available on Android (Go edition).

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