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Google Clips alternatives and competitors

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Google Clips is Google's first action camera.

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  • Clips 2.0 by Apple

    Clips is an iOS app for making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics, and more.

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  • Echo Dot Kids Edition

    Introducing a hands-free, voice-controlled speaker with Alexa, designed with kids in mind. Echo Dot Kids Edition can play age-appropriate music, answer questions, tell stories, and more. If they break it, return it and Amazon will replace it for free.

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  • The Little Moments

    'The Moments' is a free journal app that helps users to record the moments they'd like to remember.
    What makes you happy? Having a coffee at your favorite cafΓ©? Or when you take your dog for a walk? Capture all these precious memories and focus on the moments that really matter to you.
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  • Audio Snack

    That perfect opportunity to say a line from a movie or a song? Forget GIFs, send the actual audio clip. Trim and create your own snack-sized audio clips or search the hashtag-based database to find that perfect one-liner.
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  • Imbue

    Imbue is an app that can quickly and easily turn your cherished family items into time capsules using Machine Learning.

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