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The edges of your screen go unused during a video call. This convenient and easy application allows you to make use of that space as lighting to illuminate your face with a warm, rosy glow similar to the effect of late-afternoon "golden hour" lighting.

Top alternatives for GoldenHour App

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  • Jiff

    Jiff ⚡️is a desktop app to help you be the best version of yourself on video calls. You can,
    💡 Enhance your webcam output quality
    📹 Customize your backgrounds with cool colors or custom images
    😀 Make your camera follow you with face tracking
  • Noon Smart Lighting System

    Noon Smart Lighting System is lighting that adjusts with one-touch to enhance how you experience home.

  • Helios Touch Lighting

    Artwork or light, Helios Touch adds excitement and fun to your living or working space, improving quality of light and life.
    Wherever it is placed, Helios provides a functional and aesthetic diffused light source with a tactile experience.
  • Memix

    Enhance your video conferencing and live streams using filters and effects, whether you are using Zoom, WebEx, Hangouts, Messenger or any other. Retouch your video, improve your lighting, add effects and more.