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3 alternative and related products to Gobbler's Escape

Gobbler's Escape

Help Globber Escape!!!

3 Alternatives to Gobbler's Escape

A real-life startup themed escape room in SF!

Startup Escape is a real-life, one-hour Escape Room in San Francisco game full of puzzles and games. It's great for team bonding events!

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For any denizen of San Francisco even lightly affiliated with the startup world, there's a point where San Francisco's self-reflective mockery of itself becomes so meta that you have trouble separating fiction from reality.
13 Alternatives to Startup Escape

A surreal, story-driven RPG with horror elements.

This Room Will Kill You is inspired by games like The Stanley Parable and Yumi Nikki.

The premise is simple: you're trapped in a room and you have to escape, to tell you any more would risk ruining the experience.

The game is best experienced blind -- follow your curiosity and find meaning in this mad world.

Note: There are *Multiple* endings.

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In This Room Will Kill You, we play as an unknown individual trying to escape a game with no clues of our past, and a room full of liars....
You wake up to find yourself in a room -- The Room -- where everyone is a liar, you might be a murderer, and your only friend is a disembodied voice who hates you and calls herself Thursday. None of that really matters though.
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