Alternative products to Go for Gmail

9 alternative and related products to Go for Gmail

Go for Gmail

Check your Gmail from your Mac menu bar

9 Alternatives to Go for Gmail

The new version of Gmail web

Google presents the new version of Gmail web with new security and intelligent features. Do more without leaving your inbox, with easy access to apps including Calendar, Tasks and Keep. Smart Reply helps you respond to messages faster.

Go into settings and select "Try new Gmail"

Matt Harney
Matt Harney- Work @APPEALIE
Gmail and GSuite - incredible value. Light years ahead of what any hosting provider will ever be able to offer.
Thomas DIDIER- Product Marketing Manager, Ermeo
I'm using Gmail app via Station ( Working fine so far.
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G Suite VP Product Management, G Suite Published Apr 25, 2018 Since the beginning, our aim with G Suite has been to help companies transform the way they work with our suite of cloud-based collaboration and productivity apps. Today we're announcing major updates to help the more than 4 million paying businesses that use G Suite work safer, smarter and more e… See more
13 Alternatives to New Gmail

Inbox by Gmail, finally on your Mac

Boxy is the best Inbox by Gmail client for Mac, with a sleek and polished interace, and many native features like Push Notifications, Reader Mode and Markdown Support.

John Alexander
John Alexander- Growth @ shoflo
For those who use gmail. this is a great native solution. clean interface. free with set app!
Jonathan L.
Jonathan L.- Customer Experience
On your Mac, if you are more into desktop apps than having a webmail in your browser, Boxy is a great choice. 👌
7 Alternatives to Boxy

The only true email client for Gmail on Mac

Michael Folling
Michael Folling- Founder/CEO
It has the familiarity of gmail yet I can quickly switch between multiple accounts easily. No more opening up an incognito window to log into another gmail account.
Kim San Sy
Kim San Sy
Great for both mac and windows.. though still not totally popular, this app is really amazing with g-suite. Kiwi makes all g-apps available like standalone desktop apps. you can put any item in a separate window, for instance. Multiple accounts are online at the same time. Send larger attachments. No need for browsers to access g-suite anymore. Among all oth… See more
Should work for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides from what I've heard!
Rating and price
14 Alternatives to Kiwi for Gmail

Beautiful Mac clients for Gmail and Google Calendar.

Boxy Suite is a suite of beautiful Mac apps for Gmail and Google Calendar. They wrap and completely restyled the webapps, and they feature deep system integration and native features.

Boxy Suite also includes Dashboard, a 100% native status bar app to control and access all your accounts easily.

5 Alternatives to Boxy Suite

Enhance the new Gmail with a powerful, elegant add-on 💡

Email in no time. Mailbutler is a Chrome extension that supercharges Gmail with a powerful suite of time-saving tools: schedule emails, get read receipts, insert message templates, turn emails into tasks...

Version 2.2 come with Material Design plus exciting new features: Slack notifications, productivity dashboard...and more.

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Gmail Material Design, Analytics Dashboard ... and everything new in our latest 2.2 update! Shortly after last week's Mojave-ready update, our team is ready to bring you the next big update to Mailbutler, which comes with a lot of important and major updates. Take a look at what's new and what's changed!
If you're a Gmail user, you're probably familiar with the recent redesign of Gmail's interface, which gives the no.1 popular email service a refreshing makeover and introduces a number of smart features. Gmail is easily one of the best email services with its advanced functionalities and powerful search.
6 Alternatives to Mailbutler 2.2 for Gmail

Today List is a todo list for Slack with one day deadline to every task you add.

Complete the tasks in 24 hours or they'll expire.

Wanderer J
Wanderer J- me
As /todo has migrated as an online app with slack integration, Today List is to me the best alternative to have built in todos right inside slack without any external subscription.
Wanderer J
Wanderer J- me
As /todo as migrated as an online app with slack integration, Today List is to me the best alternative to have built in todos right inside slack without any external subscription.
HRG Enterprises
HRG Enterprises- HRG
This todo list has an automatic deadline to every task you add. This is just a Slack app though. But I use this extensively. I create small tasks that I know I can finish in a day, and completing them gives me a great feeling. It even shows your weekly performance. I have a task completion rate of 80% as of now. This is fun way to be productive.
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Today List is a to-do list for Slack with a one-day deadline to every task you add. Complete the tasks in 24 hours or they'll expire. User can create small tasks that can be finished in a day and add them to TODAY LIST in her Slack workspace.
I'm a big fan of making lists. I have a list of things I need to get done this month, another list is broken out into things I need to do this week, and yet another list of things that need to be completed in a day.
7 Alternatives to Today List

Gmail on steroids. Scheduling, reminders, follow-ups & more.

Gmelius for Gmail makes your inbox smarter: CRM, send later, snooze, free email tracking, shared templates, kanban boards, email notes, and more

Gmelius works with Gmail, G Suite and Google Inbox.

Tero Rinne
Tero Rinne
Not a CRM in the traditional sense, but a very clean, comprehensive and easy to use set of tools right in your inbox.
6 Alternatives to Gmelius for Gmail
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