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Gmail Summarization alternatives and competitors

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An AI–powered reading assistant, that works for email conversations on Gmail, and helps to automatically summarize email threads—highlighting important sentences and, suggesting #labels for categorizing emails–using NER.
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Top Gmail Summarization alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Studies.Show

    140 character summaries of interesting research papers.
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  • Free Summarizer

    Summarize *any* text online in just a few secs. *MAGIC*
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  • SummarizeBot is a AI and Blockchain-powered chatbot that analyzes a document, weblink or multimedia file, extracts its main ideas and puts them into a short summary.

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    One of the great feature of SummarizeBot is possibility to find and summarize latest news stories from over 50,000 sources.

  • In a single document you have multiple points spanning a wide range of topics. Tag, Search & Summarize allows you to tag specific parts of your notes, to later access them for a given topic, across and within all documents and owners in your Google Drive.

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  • Langliter

    Langliter is a news and eBook reader for advanced language learners. It uses natural language processing to enrich all content. Highlight words based on their grammar, underline all the words you're studying and do everything on or offline. Supports Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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  • Helppr

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    Helppr generates summaries for verbose content to enable users to consume the content smarter and faster for free.
    Simplify complicated sentences, and longer paragraphs while reading articles, editorials, blogs, and other material with Helppr.
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  • Clipped

    Summarize anything.
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  • Parsio

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    Extract any data from your emails: order info, customer details etc.

    Highlight the data to extract and Parsio will automatically process all similar incoming emails.

    Download (Excel, CSV, JSON), sync with Google Spreadsheet or send it to your server.
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  • Brevi Assistant

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    In a modern digital world, any organization/entrepreneur has a massive amount of text data, without a way to efficiently process them.
    Brevi Assistant is the world's first AI technology able to summarize multiple topic-related documents with complete accuracy.
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  • TLDR This 2.0

    TLDR This is a web app (+ browser extension) that can take a painfully long piece of text and sum it up into five key bullet points using NLP and AI.
    Spend less time reading counterproductive stuff and more on doing valuable work.
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  • Summary

    Summary - Automatic Text Summarizer

    With the exponential growth of the internet, people often find themselves overwhelmed with data and information which in most cases is textual.

    Summary solves this issue by automatically summarizing text without affecting it’s meaning using a unique ML algorithm.

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