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Reduce your dependency on reading glasses
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  • Are you engaged to your computer, tablet, phone or books? And do you often feel eye strain, headache and blurred vision? If yes, then you should consider getting some of these Felix Gray Computer Glasses. They have an anti-glare coating, blue light filter and magnification to help your eye muscles.

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  • Topology Eyewear uses face scanning to make custom-fit glasses directly from your iPhone. Upload a selfie and the the app makes a 3D model of your face. Then simply style your frames to suit your face shape and we'll make your glasses from scratch in San Francisco– RX lenses included.

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    I was a beta tester for the app and know several people on the team. They have a top-notch team of passionate, smart, and talented people wh…

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  • Reader Vision

    Reader Vision uses technology to make reading text in the dimly lit situations more easy. Adjust the contrast, zoom, or flash to help make the on menus more legible! No more need for your reading glasses.

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  • iGOTHAM Eyewear

    We created iGOTHAM to help everyone work and sleep better. To accomplish this lofty mission, we knew we had to offer top quality lenses, with designer styles, at remarkable prices.

    By selling directly online, we can offer premium blue light blocking glasses at a remarkable price.

    Look great and feel great, without breaking the bank.

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