Alternative products to GitLab

5 alternative and related products to GitLab

Open source alternative to GitHub

GitLab is an open-sourced code hosting platform for all of your projects.

5 Alternatives to GitLab

Easily install open source software to get things done!

We make installing, hosting and updating open source tools for publication, communication and collaboration easy for everyone. No tech knowledge needed. Easy, safe, secure. Tools like Ghost, Hackpad, Discourse, Mattermost and more.

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Stonesoup is a Dutch-Greek startup company, which works regularly out of Stone Soup. They are building a software platform that provides a set of tools in order to install and manage Open Source Software. Users of, have the control of their data in a secure surrounding.
The ultimate solution to the problem of installing and managing Open Source Software, which is usually a complicated and extremely difficult process, is offered by the newly-established Hellenic-Dutch company, . This, at the touch of a single button!
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This article will take you 4 minute(s) to read A lot of open source projects are very tech centered.'s mission is to change that and "make installing and hosting tools like a blog, a forum or a project management app a one-click affair".
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This extension integrates GitLab to your VSCode by adding GitLab specific commands to VSCode command palette and status bar.

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We recently did a survey within the Frontend team to see which tools we were using and how we were using them, in order to learn from one another and to build better workflows. Through this survey, we determined that VSCode is the most used IDE within the team.
10 Alternatives to GitLab Workflow

Issues, time & cost centre analysis across repositories

This is a single page application that enhances Gitlab:

- Daily/Monthly report of issues handled across repositories.

- Important flags such as “due dates being exceeded”

- Compare estimated hours vs. spent hours.

- Allocate repos to cost centers and get reports on time spent split by bugs & features.

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This is the introduction video to the Gitlab Reporting Tool. About Gitlab Reporter: Gitlab Reporter is a tool created for internal team management at RJS Tech. Gitlab is a great software that lacks some basic reports with reference to Time Spent by team members, issue lists across multiple repositories and tracking costs in projects that have multiple reposi… See more
8 Alternatives to Reporting Tool For Gitlab

Datree brings back control to Git-centric and autonomous DevOps organizations, enabling continuous delivery and reliable flow of changes.

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Datree, an early-stage startup based in Israel, wants to help companies create a set of policies for their applications, and apply them in GitHub before a commit goes live. Today, it announced $3 million in seed funding from TLV partners. The check was actually written last September, according to ...
5 Alternatives to Datree
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