Alternative products to GitItBack

7 alternative and related products to GitItBack

See how your company stacks up against competitors on GitHub
7 Alternatives to GitItBack

A free, simple way to get better UX for your apps 😻

Where do my users get lost? Why aren't they finishing orders? What makes them leave my app?

Smartlook will give you answers. Armed with real user insights, you'll understand your app the way your users do. Discover and fix UX weaknesses and barriers, and start building a better app today.

Add the SDK to your app, and voilà! You're good to go.

Lukas Mehnert
Lukas Mehnert- Smartlook Hunter
Smartlook serves you with videos and you can see where people have problem in your app.
7 Alternatives to Smartlook for Mobile Apps

Our AI reports show key changes to competitor sites

🕷We will monitor up to 1000 pages of your competitors' sites.

🔎We look for changes.

🏙We screenshot + extract text & html changes.

🎯We use AI to detect key changes (and ignore false positives).

🤖We use AI to categorize pages & changes.

📬We email you weekly reports.

🚂Zero config (just give us top level URLs).

🦆Deep competitive intelligence.

3 Alternatives to Deep Dive Duck
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