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14 alternative and related products to GitHub Reader

GitHub Reader
A quick way to browse GitHub issues and pull requests.

It's hard being a maintainer/active contributor to an open source project 😭. You have to keep an eye on all the bug reports and pull requests and provide your review on the same. I have realized that I have been wasting so much of my time in browsing all the issues/PRs lately so I have built this small tool to save my time.

14 Alternatives to GitHub Reader

Your github workflow open sourced.

Stephen Co
Stephen Co- Founder of Northern Circuits Inc.
In addition to JIRA above, is probably a close second. Very similar and has great integration with Github. Recommended for people who want to support the underdogs.
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Manage your GitHub issues automagically

SprintHub is a fully automated Backlog and Kanban board for your GitHub issues. It uses milestones as Backlog items and Issues as tasks, nicely oranized in a simple Kanban view. SprintHub is being updated automatically when working with GitHub issues and milestones. It helps you to stay focused at all times.

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Automated visual reviews for GitHub pull requests

Developers, having trouble with large pull requests you need to review?Visualizations of code change shows nicely both dependencies and the context. Additional insights helps to identify issues early.
Hunters get a free month of usage in the cloud!

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