GitHub Personal Website Generator

GitHub Personal Website Generator alternatives and competitors

Build a personal website that shows off your contributions, interests, and development experience. It’s your fully-customizable profile powered by the GitHub API, GitHub Pages, and Jekyll—ready for anyone interested in your work.

Top alternatives for GitHub Personal Website Generator

Speech-to-text APIs by AssemblyAI
APIs to automatically transcribe and understand audio
  • Gatsby

    Blazing fast static site generator for React

    Love using Gatsby — I'm excited to see where it goes as the community grows.

  • Static Pages

    Static Pages allows you to publish any static page on a WordPress website with any URL in a matter of seconds. And it is perfect for SEO. ⚡️
    Do you want to improve sales by adding a beautiful landing page for your existing shop? Then Static Pages is for you.

    curious if this could be a worthy free alternative:

  • GitLab Pages

    Websites for your GitLab projects, groups, or user account
  • Beautify Github Profile

    This repository helps you to have a more beautiful and attractive github profile, and you can access a set of tools and guides for beautifying your github profile. 🚩
    Amazing work✨
  • Now

    The /now page movement was started by Derek Sivers as a page to describe "what I’m doing now". Now helps you create (and update) your own now page; a page to share what you are currently up to in a mindful way.
  • DEV <> Stackbit

    The Stackbit & DEV collaboration makes it easier than ever to spin up a personal website showcasing your DEV posts. All you have to do is select a static site generator and theme. Stackbit’s powerful tooling does the rest! It’s like magic.
  • GitPress

    GitPress is built with modern developement tools chain you loved:
    - It uses Git to sync content
    - It uses Markdown as priority format
    - It transform code into living code evaluator, allow running code in posts

    There are many these kind of products on the web, this one is really into my taste. It just does the job well and is pretty easy to master.

  • Github Pages

    Websites for you and your projects.

    Hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live.

  • Wemzo

    Free options
    Wemzo is a powerful portfolio builder that produces interactive websites. The unique thing about Wemzo is that you don't have to spend hours or pay hundreds of dollars to get a website, one just has to spend few minutes to get the job done for a nominal price.
  • Directs Space

    Some software developers don't want to add a social media link or email to their GitHub profile for security or other reasons. However, sometimes we may need to reach out to other software devs. Easily create a custom contact form for your GitHub profile!
  • Jandi

    Welcome to our ProductHunt page.
    We just created a new open source project named Jandi.
    This is an app on MacOS which allows you to see commits made easily from the desktop.
    Would love to know opinions and feedback about the app.
    Thank you
  • GitHub Twitter Banner

    Simply enter a GitHub username and get a cool banner that shows followers, pinned repos, bio, and more!