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Keep track of GitHub Issues, projects, PR's, and milestones

Gitdash helps you keep track of large Github projects by helping you find what needs your attention quickly. Create custom boards of issue and pull request searches using our powerful and simple search engine.

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Organize anything, together

Trello is a web-based project management application with a beautiful card-based UI.

Waseem Aslam- Developer and Starter Upper
I would use Trello it is quite easy to use and its Free too. The best way to approach this is getting into the mindset of splitting up tasks and be diligent in moving items around the board otherwise it can be quite easy to just forget about trello and realise you haven't moved items around but the project has moved along .
Joshua Tab.- Crafting Meja and Walk
Trello is my favorite productivity tool to organize my ideas and classify them
Lorenzo Fiori- Marketing Manager, Nanosystems
Trello is absolutely the best tool available online. It is a powerful solution for your project management even for free! Strongly recommended to everyone
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GitHub Projects

GitHub takes on Trello with new project management tools

Julie Delanoy- Design at Product Hunt
Does an octocat count? I think it does!
Elaine Yang- Product Manager @XMind
It's cute! The biggest social platform for same-sex (just kidding)
Eugen Oprea- Creator and Co-founder
For our development team, we use GitHub Projects because is right there on GitHub. Also, one thing that I've been doing wrong that leads to missing deadlines is continuing to add tasks to the queue. That is why right now, we are going to freeze projects and no longer add new tasks to them.
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Manage everything from the smallest tasks

Shayan Samani- Marketing Architect, Delta Air Lines
Absolutely love Favro! Use it for work and personal lives. It's a supercharged Trello! I was using Trello before I saw Favro a year ago on PH! The tool just gives you so much visibility into everything that is going on at a glance and you can see them in a calendar format as well. Trello is doing some awesome stuff and I think Favro capitalized on some of th… See more
Valerio Cirillo
It's a supercharged Trello!
Jonathan Olsson
We use Favro to plan all of our development.
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