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Keep track of GitHub Issues, projects, PR's, and milestones

Gitdash helps you keep track of large Github projects by helping you find what needs your attention quickly. Create custom boards of issue and pull request searches using our powerful and simple search engine.

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Organize anything, together

Damian Gromek- Full-Stack E-commerce Manager
Clean simple layout. Combined with BitBucket, it should give you the perfect amount of access to your projects. Alternatively, good old-fashioned folder sharing. Whether it's FTP clients like FileZilla or any of your current cloud-based file storage that allows for simple sharing.
Thiago de Carvalho- Founder @ Deer Designer
I use Trello for all things both business and personal. I have lots of boards for admin, content, marketing, but also have a few for my trips, shopping list, and personal goals. Because of its simple UI and great UX, Trello is a winner for me. Plus, it's free!
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Trello is great if you're working in a team and looking to manage everybody's to-dos. If you're using it as an individual, you could use it to slice and dice your tasks into sub-tasks, create a neat kanban style view. And yes, it works well both on desktop and mobile.
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GitHub Projects

GitHub takes on Trello with new project management tools

Radoslav Stankov- Tech @ Product Hunt
Writing code alone is fun, but when you need to collaborate with other developers - Github is the place.
Jevin Sew- Rails / iOS developer
Surprised this wasn't mentioned!
Dhananjay Yadav- Growth Hacking and Performance Marketing
I prefer making feature requests and issue tracking on GitHub
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Manage everything from the smallest tasks

Shayan Samani- Marketing Technologist, Delta Air Lines
Absolutely love Favro! Use it for work and personal lives. It's a supercharged Trello! I was using Trello before I saw Favro a year ago on PH! The tool just gives you so much visibility into everything that is going on at a glance and you can see them in a calendar format as well. Trello is doing some awesome stuff and I think Favro capitalized on some of th… See more
Valerio Cirillo
It's a supercharged Trello!
Jonathan Olsson
We use Favro to plan all of our development.
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